Popular Cabinet Door Styles of 2024

Like all aspects of home décor, cabinet door styles come and go. That means if you have older cabinet doors, it can leave your kitchen looking outdated and less than appealing. The good news is you don’t have to replace the entire cabinet to update the aesthetic–you only need to replace the doors themselves. 

As you imagine your new interior design, consider some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles and trends so that your kitchen features a fresh new look that lasts.

The Most Popular Styles of Cabinet Doors Right Now

If you are planning on refreshing your kitchen cabinet door styles in 2024, you want to choose a style that is going to stand the test of time. When combined with the popular cabinet door color, new doors can immediately transform your home’s appearance for an exciting new and on-trend look. The following cabinet door styles will all leave your guests marveling at your fresh new kitchen.

1. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are as popular in 2024 as they were in 1823. This look has never gone out of style, thanks to its clean and simple look that fits into any kitchen. The doors resemble a basic “frame,” with the edges surrounding an inset panel. As you begin to consider various wood types, colors, and finishes, it’s clear why the Shaker cabinet door has remained so popular –they look amazing anywhere and can fit any design style with the proper finish or coat of paint. The shaker style is similar to the raised panel if you are looking for a framed construction and traditional appearance. 

2. Edge-Banded Slab Cabinet Doors

Edge-banded slab cabinet doors have quickly skyrocketed into popularity in the last few years. As more interior designers and homeowners embrace simplicity, slab cabinet doors make for the perfect choice. These doors work great for modern and contemporary styles with their straightforward appearance. You can choose from a variety of paint colors, unfinished wood veneers or our laminate options.

Due to the MDF core, edge-banded slab cabinet doors are also resilient to warping. The smooth surface is also easy to clean, which is an excellent selling point for any home.

3. Glass-Ready Cabinet Doors

Glass-ready cabinet doors are simply cabinet doors that feature an open center panel for the installation of a glass panel instead of wood. Glass cabinet doors are another excellent versatile option. These doors are especially popular right now because they make kitchens feel bigger and brighter.

As another advantage, glass panel doors also turn the colorful items inside the cabinets into an additional and interesting visual element for your overall interior design. The combination of clean lines and clear glass helps glass-ready doors make any space feel airy and open. For added décor and detail, you can select doors with 4 or 6 French lites.

4. Camden Cabinet Door

With a strong nostalgia factor making its way through interior design, Camden cabinet doors are one of the most popular styles of cabinet doors right now. These doors provide a vintage look that makes them excellent for traditional, classic, and farmhouse design styles. This style looks great when painted white or in neutral colors to help show off their texture and line work.

However, if you want a look that doubles down on the theme, embrace the natural, unfinished wood look. Paired with some nickel or bronze knobs, these doors will really stand out. For similar styles of cabinet doors, you can turn to the Sheldon cabinet door or the Ranchero style.

5. Heritage Cabinet Doors

Nature elements like natural wood are present throughout all of interior design right now, but especially in the kitchen. When you embrace natural wood for your kitchen cabinet doors, there is more room for more elaborate designs that accentuate it. Heritage cabinet doors offer a sophisticated and ornamental look that immediately turns the cabinets into a focal point of the kitchen.

These doors have a raised panel in the center that gives them the dynamic element of depth. Historically, Heritage Doors have been popular in more classic or quaint kitchens. However, with the right color and finish, these doors can elevate the appeal of any kitchen.

Explore All The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

When it is time to refresh your kitchen, you want design elements that are fit for the times. Instead of spending time looking for a cabinet door supplier, focus on perfecting your new design with the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles of 2024. Once you find the perfect style of cabinet doors, you can trust to provide you with high-quality custom-crafted cabinet doors delivered straight to your home.

With over 40 years of experience, the team at has built millions of cabinet doors that encompass all of the above styles. Since every door you order is custom-cut to your specifications, you can be sure the replacement doors will fit your existing cabinets perfectly. If you have any questions about what to look for in your cabinet doors, contact uswe are happy to help you upgrade your space for 2024 and beyond. Order today!


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