Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Unfinished Cabinet Doors offer so much potential for you to upgrade any room in your home. Since you can finish your unfinished wood cabinet doors however you choose, you have the option of achieving exactly the look you always wanted. Our Unfinished Cabinet Doors are available in two options, Paint Ready and Stain Ready. Out paint grade unfinished kitchen cabinet doors arrive fully sanded and in a tight grained wood to ensure a nice finished result. You can also choose unfinished wood cabinet doors, which also arrive fully sanded, but are ideal for staining or for a clear finish to let the natural wood hue shine through.

What are unfinished cabinet doors?

Unfinished cabinet doors are cabinet doors that aren't painted or stained. They also don't have a natural clear finish. These cabinet doors are affordable and great for DIY projects but must be prepped, painted, and completed before installation.

What are the benefits of choosing unfinished cabinet doors?

They are a cost-saving alternative to finished cabinet doors with more flexibility for personalization. You can paint or stain the doors any color you desire to complement the design of your kitchen or bathroom.

What is the difference between paint-ready and stain-ready unfinished cabinet doors?

Paint-ready unfinished cabinet doors are made with a paint-grade material without a visible wood grain. While stain-ready features a distinctive wood grain pattern, you can enhance it with any stain color.

How can I finish my unfinished cabinet doors?

If you plan to paint or stain your unfinished cabinet doors on your own, there are several steps you must take to ensure you achieve a professional-looking finish. To learn more, read our blog: 8 Tips for a Professional-Looking Finish on Your Cabinets.

What materials are your unfinished cabinet doors made of?

We offer over six wood types that feature a distinctive wood grain pattern. We also have paint-grade cabinet doors that are fully sanded and made with MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Are your unfinished cabinet doors available in standard sizes, or can I order custom sizes?

At, all our cabinets are custom-made and made to order. Before placing your order, you'll want to ensure you accurately measure your cabinets to get the perfect fit. To learn more, read our blog: How to Measure Cabinet Doors: The Full Guide.

Are your unfinished cabinet doors ready for installation upon delivery, or do I need to do any additional sanding or preparation?

Our paint-grade cabinet doors are sanded and prepped but must be painted or stained before installation. If you choose an unfinished cabinet door style made out of natural wood, you'll want to at least apply a clear natural coating before installing your cabinets. A clear coating will protect your doors from unwanted dents or scuffs, increasing the longevity of your investment.

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