What is a Full Overlay?

Full overlay cabinet doors are a specific style that covers a cabinet's full face frame. This style works on frameless and framed cabinets, providing complete coverage and leaving no visible frame. Full overlay cabinets are the ideal choice for modern or contemporary designs. 

A full overlay has functional and design advantages. Since it covers the entire face frame, it helps minimize gaps and leaves only a little bit of space between the doors. This helps maximize the storage space and also provides a sleek, put-together appearance. 

Full overlay cabinet doors are also more manageable to maintain. The simplified appearance is easier to clean and reduces dirt and debris buildup. 

Full overlay cabinets typically feature a five-piece construction and are easier to install than partial or inset cabinets. They are also less expensive than inset cabinets. When deciding which option is best for your renovation project, appearance is one of the biggest things to consider. Full overlay cabinet doors offer a more cohesive look and feel while concealing hinges, making them a top choice for updated kitchen or bathroom designs. 

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