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Is Alder Wood Good for Cabinet Doors

What are the Characteristics of Alder Wood Cabinets?

Red Alder wood comes from the west coast of North America and is the largest of the alder species. Even though it is considered a hard wood it is one of the softest of all the hardwoods and is sometimes called a semi-hardwood. Regardless, alder is still considered to be very durable and therefore is a good choice for cabinet doors. The grain is straight, and the texture is uniform, helping to give alder wood a smooth look. Milled alder has many different grades which include clear with almost no defects to premium frame that has all the natural defects including knots. Knotty alder doors are some of the most popular doors made because of the natural beauty and rustic affects these defects add to the doors.

Is Alder a Good Wood For Cabinets Doors?

From a design perspective, alder wood has an attractive look and a variety of finish options. The abundant supply of alder wood also makes it more affordable and sustainable than some other hardwoods. Since this wood species is so appealing overall, it’s used in a variety of cabinet door styles, from rustic to modern. If you like what alder wood has to offer, expect to find it in a style that perfectly complements the design of your kitchen, bathroom, or home office.

Facts You Should Know About Alder Cabinet Doors

Alder wood is softer than some other types of hardwood. It can still stand up to years of wear and tear, but it may be more vulnerable to scratches or dents. You will want to keep these facts in mind  while choosing the species of wood you want your cabinet doors to be built with.

Does Alder Wood Stain Well?

Alder wood is a good candidate for staining if the surface of the wood is prepared properly. However, alder wood tends to stain unevenly, showing areas of light and dark. Some people consider this look blotchy while others think it complements the natural features of the wood. If you’re looking for a rustic or farmhouse look, or simply want to add a dynamic design element or your kitchen or bathroom, stained alder wood is a great option. If you are looking for a uniform appearance (in a modern kitchen for example) staining may not be the best option.

What are the Alternatives to Alder Wood?

Most people choose alder wood because they like the light wood color and the rich natural look of the grain. Cherry and oak are popular for the same reasons, so consider these options as well. If you plan to paint the cabinet doors, think more about the functional properties of the wood — strength, durability, flexibility — and the price rather than the appearance.

Start Exploring Alder Wood Kitchen Cabinets Doors!

When you purchase custom-cut replacement doors you know they’re going to fit your cabinets perfectly. That means you can put all your focus on finding the right style. Picking out a wood species like alder wood is important, but you should also think about the design details and finish options. The Door Stop has a massive inventory of cabinet doors and all the resources you need to find the ideal option.
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