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What You Need To Know About Replacement Cabinet Doors


If it’s time to reface your kitchen in your home, you'll need to start looking for replacement cabinet doors that fit your cabinets, as well as a style that matches your aesthetic and your budget. If you’re wondering how to replace kitchen cabinet doors properly and you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few great tips that'll make the process as smooth as possible and save you money too!

Step 1: Choose Replacement Cabinet Doors

To get started, first you'll want to see what styles of new cabinet doors are available to you. To help you begin your search, take a look at your existing cabinet doors and think about what you like about them, and what you don’t like. Perhaps you love the mitered corners of your existing doors, but you don’t like the arches. Maybe you’re hoping for glass cabinet doors to showcase some of your favorite pieces. Maybe you’re yearning for a beautiful wood finish. Once you have some idea of what you’re looking for, you can get started. 

Browse through the hundreds of styles of replacement cabinet doors on Cabinetdoors.com to find new cabinet doors that fit your home and style best. This is also a good time to make decisions about more than just the style of your cabinet doors. You should also consider which wood species you'd like and whether there’s a particular finish you’re interested in. If you're considering painting your cabinet doors, keep that in mind, and if you'll be wanting any options for glass-ready cabinet doors, that should be a consideration, too. We offer popular, modern replacement cabinet door options in traditional cope and stick styles and the newer mitered style of cabinet door joinery. 

The biggest difference for the consumer between the two is the angle of the joints at the 4 corners of the cabinet doors. In a cope and stick joint the top and bottom rails fit flush into the sides. A mitered joint is made by two 45° cuts to make a diagonal joint at each of the cabinet door corners. Both door styles come in dozens of designs and both styles are reliable and dependable in all climates across the United States.

Step 2: Decide If You'll Reuse Hinges on Replacement Cabinet Doors

When you replace cabinet doors, you’ll need to decide if you will reuse your existing hinges or upgrade to newer style concealed hinges. This has an impact on which measurements you need to place your order. A good practice here is to consider the condition and appearance of your existing hinges. Older styles of hinges are visible when your doors are closed. This means that they’ll need to be in good shape and you’ll want them to fit into the style of your kitchen. Modern concealed hinges, on the other hand, are hidden when the doors are closed and all you see is the surface of the door and cabinetry.

If there’s any doubt about the condition or appearance of your existing hinges, we recommend replacing them as well when you replace cabinet doors in your home. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re starting with a solid base to help your cabinet doors look great and function beautifully for a good long time. Cabinetdoors.com can even make it easier for you by providing hinge boring in your new cabinet doors and allowing you to order new hinges with your replacement cabinet doors. 

Step 3: Measure For Your Replacement Cabinet Doors

Now that you’ve made decisions about the type of replacement cabinet doors you want, and whether you’ll need new hinges, the next step is measuring. You’ll need to measure correctly to ensure that you order the right sized cabinet door for each cabinet opening. This step varies based on whether you have decided to reuse your old hinges or if you've decided to order doors to be used with concealed hinges.

  • If you plan to reuse your existing hinges, sizing your new doors is easy. Simply measure your existing doors and order new doors of the same sizes.

  • If you plan to order and install new concealed hinges (with ½ inch overlay), measure the cabinet opening size instead of the doors then apply the overlay formula to determine the finish sizes. .

Hinges designed for a ½ inch overlay (the most common) require doors to "overlay" the cabinet opening by ½ inch in each direction. That means the door will be 1 inch larger than the cabinet opening in both width and height.

For cabinets with "double doors", the door size calculation is different. For the door height, the calculation is the same as for single door cabinet openings. Simply measure the opening height and add 1 inch. The door width for a 2-door cabinet opening is calculated by measuring the full opening width, adding 1 inch, then dividing by 2. Next you will take off 1/16 inch off each width. This will give the size for each door and will allow a ⅛ inch gap between the two doors. 

Step 4: Place Your Replacement Cabinet Door Order

The final step after you've chosen your replacement kitchen cabinet doors, decided on hinges, and measured for your new cabinet doors is placing your replacement cabinet door order. On the product page for your favorite style of cabinet door, simply choose your wood species and finish, then select whether you want your doors bored for concealed hinges, and whether you want us to supply the hinges. Then list the width and height for each door size, and the quantity you need in that size. If you will be ordering multiple sizes of cabinet doors, submit each size separately and add them to your cart. 

Replace Cabinet Doors with Cabinetdoors.com

Cabinetdoors.com is one of the largest cabinet door manufacturers in the western United States, and we’ve been manufacturing our high quality products since 1980.  We take pride in being one of the most experienced manufacturers of cabinet doors in the U.S. We’ve also made our products available on the internet for longer than any other cabinet door manufacturer, so we know how to offer the right service and guidance to ensure that this process is as easy as possible for you. 

If you’ve been looking for a resource for cabinet door replacement near you, but have been frustrated by the high prices and limited selection at many big box retail stores, you’re not alone. Big box stores can only offer so many options, and then they mark their products up to cover their costs and ensure they still make a profit. This means you not only have fewer options, but you pay significantly more for the product you need. At Cabinetdoors.com, you’ll find our new cabinet doors are priced about 30-50% lower than similar products (or sometimes even our exact product!) found at big box stores. That’s because we are the door manufacturer, so when you order from us, you receive your replacement cabinet doors directly from the factory, with no markup from the middleman. You only pay for the high quality product you order.

Beyond the great prices and excellent selection, you can count on any products we make to be top quality. We use modern woodworking equipment and our long-standing expertise to create a high quality product that lasts. We guarantee our workmanship and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with any products you order from us. As a result, we have a loyal customer base of professionals and homeowners alike. Cabinet makers, home builders, furniture manufacturers, and contractors are among our repeat customers, but so are DIY homeowners who are ready to replace cabinet doors on their own. That’s because we make excellent products that are up to the standards of any skilled craftsman, but are also easy to order and install for a homeowner. 

Order Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors Today

Ready to order new replacement kitchen cabinet doors for your home? Check out our selection and get inspired by our most popular door styles. When you’re ready to order and install, Cabinetdoors.com has plenty of tips to help you with your replacement kitchen cabinet doors

There’s no need to wonder how to replace kitchen cabinet doors on your own. Let our website guide you through the whole process, from measuring, hinging, and hanging and aligning replacement cabinet doors all the way to staining or painting new cabinet doors. If you have any questions about ordering, or any other process along the way, contact us via our website or give us a call at 800-342-1010. We can’t wait to help you replace cabinet doors in your space. When it comes to replacement cabinet doors, Cabinetdoors.com always delivers. 


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