A Complete Guide to Cabinet Drawer Fronts

cabinet drawer front styles

When you want to refresh your kitchen for a brand-new look, replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts is the best way to start. Just switching to a new design of drawer fronts can transform your entire space. Still, it can be hard to determine which style you should choose with so many possible options.

If you are searching for replacement drawer fronts and need a complete picture of your options, is here to help! With a full understanding of different cabinet drawer front styles and constructions, you can narrow down which one will be the best for your home and start the path to a fresh new space.

What To Look for in Cabinet Drawer Fronts

When you are planning on replacing your cabinet drawer fronts, make sure to take time with your decision and choose a style that will fit well in your space. Before you start combing through your options, there are a few factors to consider.


Your first step is to consider how they will blend with your current cabinet doors, especially if you are not replacing them all at the same time. Typically, cabinet drawer fronts work best when they are consistent with your cabinet doors. When you order from a manufacturer like, you can be confident that the drawer fronts we create will be color-matched to your cabinet doors.

However, some styles of cabinet drawer fronts work well with different cabinet doors. Simplistic styles, like slab cabinet drawer fronts, can go with a wide variety of cabinet door styles. Drawer fronts below the countertop can also sometimes complement the cabinets above the countertop when finished with a different color.


Wood species will play a role in both the appearance and durability of your cabinet drawer fronts. Popular options for drawer fronts include alder, oak, cherry, hickory and maple. Your choice will depend on whether you prefer a more subtle grain like alder or a more detailed grain like hickory.

When choosing your material, you can also think about how you want the wood finished, depending on whether you want a natural look, refined staining, or complete painting. Other options, like laminate particleboard or medium-density fiberboard, can provide an additional design factor.

Of course, you should also ensure that you order drawer fronts that will be reliable and high-quality. At, all drawer fronts are made to order and will be made to the precise size you specify at the time of ordering. Our drawer fronts are made from the highest quality raw materials available and created using our highly precise modernized computer-controlled machinery.

Design Style

You should decide whether you want a minimalistic, contemporary drawer face design or an elaborate traditional style. To determine which is best for your home, look around your space and think about what your interior design style is. If your space is more open and minimalistic, choose a simplistic cabinet door face. If you have a lot of decorative pieces and a cozier space, go with a more ornate drawer face design.

Popular Cabinet Drawer Front Styles

Once you have an idea of what you might be looking for in a cabinet drawer front, you can start to turn to your various options. Although they may seem like a small addition to your kitchen or bathroom, the world of cabinet drawer fronts has many layers. The following are some of the most common cabinet drawer front styles.

1. 5-Piece Drawer Fronts

Some of the highest quality and most reliable drawer fronts use a 5-piece construction. A 5-piece drawer front is comprised of five sections—four side sections for the frame and a panel in the center. A 5-piece construction is superior to many other styles because it accounts for the fact that wood naturally expands and contracts due to humidity. There are two options for 5-piece drawer front construction: cope and stick and mitered.

2. 5-Piece Cope & Stick Drawer Fronts

5-Piece Cope & Stick Drawer Fronts are more durable and visually appealing. The cope and stick construction is one of the highest quality joint designs as it compensates for variation in humidity. All wood expands and contracts with humidity, but cope and stick construction compensates for these variations, providing room for expansion in the joints. As a result, the wood does not warp or become out of shape as it expands.

One of the most popular cabinet door and drawer front styles, the Shaker Drawer Front, uses this construction. With the cope & stick method, it maintains it is long-lasting and durable against the elements—all in addition to its versatile design, of course.

3. 5-Piece Mitered Drawer Fronts

5-Piece Mitered Drawer Fronts also use a panel and a four-piece frame but with a differently constructed joint. On mitered drawer fronts, the frame pieces meet at the joints at a 45-degree angle. The angled joint construction provides a cleaner look with an even and flush corner.

Mitered drawer fronts usually have a mortise and tenon joint, which keeps the frame tightly bound together and still resistant to humidity, even if not as much as the cope & stick construction. Doors with this construction are often more detailed and elegant in their design styles.

4. Slab Drawer Fronts

Slab Drawer Fronts are made from one solid piece of wood, providing a sleek design. Wood strips are added to the back of the slab drawer fronts to help limit expansion related to variations in humidity. The slab may be detailed with design features to make them more appealing and provide better functionality.

Slab Drawer Fronts are also created with texture that offers easy access to opening the drawers without the need for pulls or handles. The simplicity and minimalism of slab drawer fronts make them a perfect option for both contemporary and modern design styles.

5. Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Drawer Fronts provide a unique look for any kitchen or bathroom, especially with a contemporary style. Like Slab Drawer Fronts, these are made from a single piece of wood. Edge-Banded Drawer Fronts are set apart by their sharp edges.

These drawer fronts are anything but boring as they can be ordered in natural wood, paint-grade MDF, painted or laminated. At, you can also choose from a vertical or horizontal grain pattern to spice up your kitchen however you’d like.

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