Kitchen Cabinet Doors FAQs Answered

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors - they seem simple at first, but once you dive into this subject you quickly realize there’s a lot to learn. Fortunately, none of it is too complicated, and once you understand the basics, you’re well-equipped to make decisions about your own cabinet doors for the kitchen. As the internet’s leading supplier of custom-built cabinet doors, the team at knows how to answer all your cabinet door questions. Here’s a rundown of the ones we receive most often.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color?

People ask us all the time: what color kitchen cabinets are timeless? The better question is what colors aren’t timeless? The truth is that most colors have been popular at some time in history, and while neutral colors like white and grey are probably the most popular, technically, they’re hardly the only colors that homeowners and interior designers love. Some of the kitchen cabinet colors currently in vogue include matte black, especially when contrasted against light-colored walls and floors, or a pale yellow that looks both warm and appetizing. Other trendy kitchen cabinet paint colors include sage green because it complements so many other colors, as well as marine blue for a splash of color that’s bold without being distracting. But don’t let the popular kitchen cabinet colors sway your decision too much - it’s entirely up to you to pick the best color for kitchen cabinets based on the other elements in the space and your vision for the overall design.

How do I choose kitchen cabinet hardware?

People often ask us how to choose kitchen cabinets, but just as many people are curious (and confused) about finding the right hardware. They wonder how to choose kitchen cabinet hardware to match the decor or how to buy kitchen cabinet doors that complement hardware they already like. These are all great questions to be asking because cabinet hardware has a subtle but significant impact on the entire kitchen design. The right choice elevates everything, but the wrong choice does the exact opposite. Follow a few basic tips for choosing kitchen hardware. First, ask yourself, “Should I use knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets?” Then think about the shape and size you want before considering color and finish options. Don’t forget to factor in costs as well (hardware prices vary widely). Finally, and maybe most importantly, don’t be afraid to change your mind. With so many interesting and exciting hardware options to choose from, a lot of things will catch your eye that isn’t necessarily the right final choice. Take your time and be selective because the perfect hardware is out there somewhere.

Are oak kitchen cabinets outdated?

Not according to the designers and contractors we work with on a regular basis. They tell us that clients regularly ask to have oak kitchen cabinets installed because people love the wood grain and natural color of this particular wood species. Honestly, oak kitchen cabinets have never gone out of style for a good reason: they look great in any kitchen setting. Combine that with the fact that oak is an affordable and durable wood ideal for when you build or update kitchen cabinets, and it seems unlikely that oak kitchen cabinets will fall out of fashion anytime soon. Therefore, when people ask us how to reface kitchen cabinets, we often suggest going with oak. It’s a look that’s sure to age well, and if someone decides to sell their home, an oak kitchen won’t bother many potential buyers. When it comes time to update kitchen cabinets, we encourage people to consider the pros and cons of many different wood species. We also encourage them not to write any species off - including oak - without giving it strong consideration first.

How wide are kitchen cabinets?

We hear this question a lot from people who are trying to figure out their kitchen cabinet door dimensions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any standard kitchen cabinet sizes in terms of width. Cabinet widths vary from very narrow to very wide, and the width of the door may not be the same as the width of the cabinet itself. Therefore, don’t try to predict how wide your replacement cabinet doors for the kitchen need to be - do the measurements instead. Since kitchen cabinet sizes are so unpredictable, going straight to the source is the only way to say anything for certain. Measuring your kitchen cabinet doors is a fairly straight-forward process. has the perfect resource for you titled How to Measure Cabinet Doors: The Full Guide. Check it out today!

How to measure cabinet openings for both single or double cabinet doors.

What is the standard height of kitchen cabinets?

That depends on which kitchen cabinets you’re talking about. If you’re asking how tall are kitchen cabinets below the counter, the answer is almost always 34 ½ inches. Though not quite standard, this dimension is very common. The upper cabinets are a different story, though. Imagine the upper kitchen cabinet height over the stove compared to elsewhere. Some upper cabinets are only a foot tall while others are 3 feet or more. Please reference the Kitchen Cabinet Doors Measurement Guide mentioned above for detailed instructions about how to measure your cabinets.

How deep are standard kitchen cabinets?

Again, it varies. To answer the question of how deep are kitchen base cabinets, the measurement is almost always 24 inches. But to answer how deep are upper kitchen cabinets become a little trickier. Above a refrigerator, they can be up to 24 inches long. Since upper cabinets never stick out farther than base cabinets, the depth will never exceed 2 feet. On top of a stove or microwave, the depth can be 15-18 inches, and in other sections, the cabinets may only protrude 12 inches. If you’re asking these questions in relation to replacement cabinet doors, you don’t need to measure cabinet depth anywhere because it doesn’t actually affect door sizes. All you need is the height and width of the doors you want to replace.

How do I clean wood kitchen cabinets?

We frequently get asked how to clean sticky wood kitchen cabinets or how to clean the grime off wood kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, cleaning kitchen cabinets is fairly simple no matter what kind of wood species they have or finish they use. Use a damp rag or paper towel to remove fresh spills and smudges. The best way to clean kitchen cabinets with stuck-on grease and grime is to make a mixture of warm water, a small amount of white vinegar, and a splash of Dawn dish soap. Then spray that mixture onto the cabinet surface, give it a minute to break down the filth, then wipe it away with a clean cloth. For really tough stains, make a paste with baking soda and a small amount of water. Apply that to the problem area and begin gently rubbing it in with a cloth - take care not to use too much pressure or vigor and end up damaging the cabinets. You can prolong the life of your cabinets by cleaning them regularly, but even that won’t prevent them from wearing out and showing signs of age. At a certain point, no amount of cleaning wood kitchen cabinets helps and replacing them will become the new best option.

Can kitchen cabinets be painted?

A surprising number of people ask us, “can I paint kitchen cabinets,” and our answer is always an enthusiastic yes. Painting has long been one of the most popular ways to finish cabinets and cabinet doors, mostly because it gives you a limitless number of color options to work with. Are painted kitchen cabinets in style? Again, the answer is yes, and it always will be because painted cabinets have never really gone out of style. But it’s entirely up to you to answer the question, should I paint my kitchen cabinets? There is some cost involved, but it’s relatively modest, even for the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets. You also need to feel comfortable painting, but, honestly, it’s not rocket science. There are the alternative finish options to consider as well - sealing and staining - which give you fewer colors to work with but highlight the wood grain more.

What kind of paint to use on kitchen cabinets?

The best paint for kitchen cabinets can vary. Oil-based paints are durable and have great coverage, but they are harder to apply and may fade over time. Latex-based paints dry quicker and stick better, but they’re not always as durable. To get the best paint finish for kitchen cabinets, consider investing in quality paint rather than the cheapest option available. We suggest going to a dedicated paint store and working with one of their specialists to find the best paint for kitchen cabinets in terms of looks and performance. No matter what you buy, remember that the application matters more than the selection, meaning that how you paint the cabinets matters more than what you paint them with.

Can I change my kitchen cabinet doors only?

Yes, you can, and in many cases, it’s the best way to revitalize your cabinets and your kitchen at the same time. People often wonder how to replace kitchen cabinet doors with doors that fit their existing cabinets, which is actually a lot easier than it seems. In fact, the Door Stop is the internet’s leading source for custom-built doors cut to the exact dimensions you specify. That makes it easy to hang fresh-looking doors in a different style rather than replacing kitchen cabinets entirely. You save yourself a lot of time, money and mess when you replace kitchen cabinet doors only, and yet you achieve many of the same aesthetic upgrades you would by remodeling the whole space. Plus, the steps for how to replace cabinet doors for the kitchen on your own are easy to follow and don’t take any special skills, meaning you probably won’t need to hire a contractor.

How do I decorate kitchen cabinets?

People have many different opinions about kitchen cabinet decor. Some people see their cabinets as a blank slate for any kind of decoration possible, especially when the holidays roll around. Other people prefer a minimal look and want their kitchen cabinets to blend seamlessly into the background of the space. But in both cases, the most important element of kitchen cabinet décor is the doors themselves. Without doors, cabinets are just boxes free from any kind of ornamentation or visual flair. So when people ask us how to design kitchen cabinets to suit their style, we suggest focusing primarily on the doors. With the right doors, you can make old cabinets look new and plain cabinets look bold. And if you’re simply wondering how to dress up plain kitchen cabinet doors, consider refinishing them and installing new hardware - two changes that completely transform the doors.

What do I do with the space above kitchen cabinets?

At some point in time, almost every homeowner wonders how to decorate above kitchen cabinets or what to put above kitchen cabinets? It seems like a waste not to use the space, especially in a room like a kitchen where you want to make the most of every inch you have available. In terms of what to store above kitchen cabinets, use the space for things you rarely need like obscure kitchen gadgets or holiday-themed bakeware. Try to keep things organized, though, or the whole kitchen can look cluttered. Instead of storage, think about the top of kitchen cabinets decor - objects or ornaments sitting above the cabinets that catch the eye and add accents to your overall kitchen design. However, the most popular way of decorating above kitchen cabinets is probably to install additional lighting. Having more light closer to the ceiling draws the eye upward, which in turn makes the kitchen space feel bigger and brighter. Interior designers have been using this trick for years. What to put above kitchen cabinets is entirely up to you, just don’t let this valuable space go to waste.

How do I organize kitchen cabinets and drawers?

Where to put things in kitchen cabinets? It seems like it should be obvious, but as kitchen clutter accumulates and cabinet space starts to run out you can end up with an explosion of objects inside each cabinet. People ask us all the time how to organize kitchen cabinets because it’s possibly the most common and most annoying kitchen issue out there. To start, we suggest pulling everything out of the cabinets so you can see it all at once. Remove anything that you don’t need or want in the kitchen and either donate it, store it elsewhere, or dispose of it. Now, with your cabinets completely empty, take the time to clean the insides and inspect the doors and boxes for any damage. Everyone has their own kitchen cabinet organization ideas, which makes sense because everyone uses their kitchen differently. Generally, though, you want to avoid clutter, group together similar objects, and store things close to where you need them - like storing spices by the stove or soap by the sink. If you’re wondering what to do with deep corner cabinets, think about installing pull-out shelving so you can take advantage of all that space at the back of the cabinet.

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertops?

Coordinating the colors inside a kitchen is easier said than done. Should kitchen cabinets match wall color? Should wood floors match kitchen cabinets? Should kitchen cabinets match trim? These are all important questions to ask, and don’t forget about the countertops either. As two of the most important visual elements in the kitchen, the cabinets and countertops should complement each other, or at least avoid clashing. Typically, cabinets and countertops shouldn’t be the exact same color, otherwise, the kitchen looks bland, but they can be two variations on the same shade. Conversely, you could go for high contrast and use kitchen cabinet color matching to create stark definitions between the individual elements. There are no hard and fast rules for how to match kitchen cabinets and countertops, but we would encourage you to consider colors and materials side by side before making any final choices.

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