Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Create a sleek, modern look in your space by incorporating Edge Banded slab cabinet drawer fronts. Featuring a flat front with no ornamentation and 90-degree corners, Edge Banded drawer fronts offer a clean, simple look that works well with any design. These drawer fronts can be customized to the size you need, and you can choose from a couple of styles and finishes. Opt for Edge Banded slab cabinet drawer fronts with horizontal grain in several different wood types, or choose a vertical wood grain instead, also offered in several wood types. If you’re interested in a durable painted finish, you can choose from any of our on-trend Sherwin-Williams conversion varnish colors. Explore your options below!

What is a slab drawer front?

A slab drawer front features a flat front with no raised or recessed panels. It's one piece of wood that fits on a drawer in your kitchen or bathroom. We recommend pairing them with our slab cabinet doors to complete your next home renovation project.

Are slab doors in style?

Yes. Slab cabinet doors are popular in modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian aesthetics. The style is minimalistic and offers a more streamlined look. Slab doors and drawer fronts are a top choice for modern kitchen or bathroom designs.

Are slab doors more expensive?

Slab doors are a more affordable option than other popular cabinet door styles. However, the cost of slab doors will depend on the wood type, your kitchen size, and if you decide to include a natural clear finish.

What is the best wood type for slab drawer fronts?

The most popular wood types are oak and maple. Since slab drawer fronts are one flat piece of wood, you'll want to consider the grain pattern, knots, and color to ensure the characteristics of the wood type complement your aesthetic.

What are the two different types of drawer fronts?

The two different types are five-piece drawer fronts and slab drawer fronts. Five-piece has a raised or recessed panel and a four-piece frame, while slab drawer fronts are one solid piece of wood.

What's the difference between edge-banded slab drawer fronts and slab drawer fronts?

Edge-banded slab drawer fronts have sharp 90-degree corners. If you want a softer corner, explore our slab drawer fronts collection.

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