Painted Cabinet Doors

At Cabinetdoors.com, we offer prime only, painted cabinet doors in a variety of Sherwin Williams colors, as well as finished wood options with a natural clear finish. Conversion varnish provides better elasticity than other paint, making these doors more durable and easier to clean—ideal for kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors exposed to humidity. Choose from a variety of styles, beautiful colors for your painted cabinet doors, or opt for the warmth of natural wood to coordinate with the overall design of your room.

If you prefer to paint your own cabinet doors, our paint-grade cabinet doors are available for purchase and ready for your customization.

All doors on this page are shown in a Natural Wood Product with a Natural Clear Finish. To explore more color and finish options, click on any picture.


What are painted cabinet doors?

These are pre-finished custom cabinet doors already painted and ready to be used in your kitchen, bathroom, or home. With painted cabinet doors, the painting is already done for you. All you have to do is choose a color and send us your dimensions - we'll take care of everything else for you.

How durable is the paint on your cabinet doors?

All our pre-finished cabinet doors are painted with high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint and are conversion varnish. You can feel confident the color won't peel or easily wear and tear. Since they're conversion varnish, they are also more durable than other options and easier to clean.

Can I repaint the cabinet doors if I want a different color in the future?

If you want to paint over your custom cabinet doors in the future, there are a few steps you'll need to take. Start by removing the cabinet doors from the cabinets and removing the hardware. Next, sand down the cabinets and seal and prime the cabinet doors. This can be a long and tedious process, but it is possible.

To learn more, read our 6 Rules for Painting Replacement Kitchen Cabinets blog.

How do I care for and clean painted cabinet doors?

Always clean your cabinet doors regularly with warm water and a very small amount of dish soap to maintain the look and feel of your painted cabinet doors. Make sure you use a mild cleanser that contains clean ingredients. If you use harsh cleaners, it could cause the paint to fade or chip.

Can painted cabinet doors withstand heat and humidity?

Yes. At Cabinetdoors.com, all of our painted cabinet doors are conversion varnish. This provides better elasticity and ensures you can maintain the integrity of your cabinet doors even in humid climates and warm weather.

What are finished cabinet doors?

Finished cabinet doors are custom-made cabinet doors that come with a pre-applied finish, either in paint or a natural clear finish.

How are painted cabinet doors different from stained or natural finish doors?

Painted cabinet doors are painted one solid color. Some of our most popular solid colors include black, white, painted sea salt, and painted dove white. 

Stained cabinet doors feature a wood stain and help enhance the natural color of the wood and the grain pattern. Lastly, a natural clear finish that coats the wood, adding a layer of subtle shine.

Are finished cabinet doors as durable as painted cabinet doors?

Yes, our finished cabinet doors are crafted with high-quality materials and finishes, ensuring excellent durability and longevity.

What finish options are available for cabinet doors at CabinetDoors.com?

At CabinetDoors.com, we offer a range of finish options for our cabinet doors, including conversion varnish painted finishes and natural clear finishes.

What is the process for ordering finished cabinet doors?

Ordering finished cabinet doors is easy at CabinetDoors.com. Simply browse our selection, choose your desired wood species with clear finish, and provide us with your dimensions. We'll take care of the rest, delivering high-quality finished cabinet doors tailored to your specifications.

How are finished cabinet doors different from unfinished ones?

Finished cabinet doors come with a pre-applied paint or clear finish, while unfinished cabinet doors require painting or staining by the customer.

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