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Painted Cabinet Doors

At cabinetdoors.com, we offer conversion varnish painted cabinet doors. Conversion varnish provides better elasticity than other paint, making these doors more durable and easier to clean. This is important for painted kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom cabinet doors, which are exposed to a fair amount of humidity. Choose from a number of different styles and beautiful colors for your painted cabinet doors to coordinate with the overall design of your room. 

At cabinetdoors.com our goal is to provide the highest quality possible. Although perfection is always our goal there are allowable tolerance that we work within. With this in mind we feel that it is important to bring to your attention what is allowed. Paint imperfections, if there are any, are allowed as long as they are not visible when looking at the door from a distance of two feet. 

Keep in mind that if you’d rather paint your own cabinet doors, our paint grade cabinet doors are available for purchase and ready for you to paint. 

All doors on this page are shown in High Reflective White in a Satin sheen. To see more color options click on any picture.


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