Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you're searching for modern kitchen cabinet doors, Cabinetdoors.com offers unfinished cabinet doors in today's most popular modern styles. Styles of modern cabinet doors are those which feature less ornamentation.  Clean lines and smooth edge profiles define the category.  Homeowners are also choosing custom colors to stain or paint their modern kitchen cabinet doors.  Buy choose some of the best modern unfinished cabinet door styles from Cabinetdoors.com is the most cost effective and easiest way to start your modern kitchen cabinet design.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Glass

Many homeowners are choosing to have glass cabinet doors in their modern kitchens. The flatware that they invest in is visually stunning and without glass cabinet doors is just hidden most of the time. Glass cabinet doors allow you to show off your stemware, flatware, or put sculptures and art on display in your kitchen. Many homeowners pair modern glass cabinet doors with LED lighting inside the cabinets for increased visual appeal.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Door Design

Design of modern kitchens and cabinet doors has seen a few significant changes.  From the types of materials, styles, finishes, and the way the doors open have changed. Modern kitchen cabinetry is described by minimalism and simplicity. While many times it involves clean and simple lines, the colors and functionality of modern cabinet doors has changed.

Simple & Clean Modern Design

Just about every part of our homes has seen a revolution of technology and style, and the kitchen is no exception. Modernized kitchen design style is characterized as having clean aesthetics which are free from ornate design work. The cabinet doors have smooth edge profiles, recessed panel doors, and offer the most simple and clean lines. Even the hardware such as pulls or knobs are lower profile and made to blend, not be noticed. Clutter is cut down to the bare minimum to achieve today’s popular modern look. All elements of the cabinetry and kitchen are made to have these characteristics including backsplashes and countertops.

Modern Custom Color Cabinet Doors

There was a time when either kitchen cabinetry and doors were finished in white, dyes, or just stains. Today’s modern kitchens are seeing an increase in custom colors on cabinetry and cabinet doors. This helps build an undeniably unique look for kitchens. When homeowners by unfinished cabinet doors they can choose custom colors for their home. Many of today’s homeowners are choosing to finish their cabinet doors and cabinetry in natural colors such as creamy beiges, soft greens, and various tones of grey. 

Ultimately homeowners first choose from either dark, medium, or light colors. The neutral earth tones are incredibly popular as they offer a minimalist and simple look. These colored cabinet doors help blend the new modern cabinetry and doors into some of the contemporary elements likely to be in your kitchen.

Modern Cabinet Doors Made From Oak Wood

Oak is seeing a major increase as a material for the construction of cabinet doors. It became synonymous with the tired honey spice stain that was installed in more kitchens than can be counted. Other woods took the spotlight such as cherry, engineered woods, and maple.

The texture and dimension of oak is one of the reasons it is being chosen as an increasingly popular material again.  It offers a nicely blended balance of texture against reflective and polished surfaces.  It is also a versatile wood and can be used for any style of kitchen from the deep wood rustic to downtown modern.  Oak can be left as its natural color but will also accept paint.  For modern kitchens earth tones and blues are some of the most popular options.

Modern Transitional Style Blending

The choice to install modern styled cabinet doors is one incredibly effective way to create visual interest in your kitchen. If you have rustic old world natural stone floors with the latest looks in cabinet doors and cabinetry it creates contrasting yet complimenting themes. The bright white cabinet doors will stand out that much more when installed over the rough and dark tones of a stone floor.

Where to Use Modern Cabinet Doors?

Feel free to use modern cabinet doors anywhere you have cabinets. The kitchen is the first place most people think about, but it’s not the only place. Consider incorporating modern style cabinet doors into your bathroom, where you often want fixtures that look clean and fresh. These doors work equally well in a home office, rec room, laundry room, or mudroom. Since modern cabinet designs have a simple, straightforward aesthetic, and they blend in surprisingly well in almost any space, even if the rest of the décor is not considered modern. If you’re not sure what style of replacement cabinet doors will look right in your space, give strong consideration to a modern style.

How to Replace Your Cabinet Doors

Replacing your current doors with something sleek and stylish doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. All you need to do is measure the height and width of the doors you want to replace, then rely on Cabinetdoors.com to do the rest. We will custom-build doors to your exact specifications, even with specialized designs for something like a modern display cabinet with glass doors. Then we will finish the doors to your liking. They can be “paint-grade,” meaning they’re already sanded and ready for you to finish yourself. You can also request that we paint the doors in one of five contemporary colors that are well-suited to modern doors. For easy installation, have us drill hinge holes and we will include soft-close Blum hingesin your order. With just a few minutes and a couple of clicks, you can have the exact doors you want built to the exact size you need shipped directly to your door — thanks to CabinetDoors.com.

What Makes Cabinetdoors.com Different?

There are plenty of places to shop for modern cabinet doors, so why do so many homeowners, home contractors, and home designers choose to work with us?

Price - We sell modern kitchen cabinet doors at prices lower than you will find at big-box stores or from local cabinet door makers. Rely on us to keep your project costs in check.

Quality - All of our doors are made from high-quality hardwoods and produced on next-generation woodworking equipment. Our commitment to quality ensures that your doors look, fit, and function exactly as you had intended.

Speed - We produce most orders in 10-12 business days, even if you’re looking for something special like modern glass cabinet doors. You don’t have to wait months for custom-built doors.

Consistency - We have carefully refined everything we do over our 30 years in business, which has helped us earn countless five-star customer reviews and stay in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Add a stylish touch to your home with modern cabinet doors from CabinetDoors.com. Order your custom cabinet doors today! Contact us online or call us at 800-342-1010.

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