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How to Install & Mount Glass in Cabinet Doors

Mounting Glass in Cabinet Doors - The Quick & Easy Guide

Mounting glass in cabinet doors sounds tricky, but it’s probably a lot easier than you expect. You don’t need any experience or expertise to get the job done right (in most cases), and you won’t need special tools or materials either. If you’ve been wondering how to put glass in cabinet doors, this quick & easy guide explains everything you need to know.

The Anatomy of a Glass Door

The four-sided section surrounding the glass in the center is the frame. Some glass ready doors have individual glass sections are called “lites.” For example, four-lite doors make it appear like the glass is separated into four sections, but really only requires one piece of glass. An example of this is our Cope and Stick French 4-Lite cabinet doors. Look closely to determine how the glass attaches. Silicone is common, as is wood trim and Hafele stops, which is a rubber filler piece that fits in a groove.

Selecting Your Method and Materials

Cabinetdoors.com sells glass-ready cabinet doors, meaning doors that are ready for you to install your own glass in, but we do not sell the glass itself. Fortunately, many places sell cut glass, from hardware and home improvement stores to glass and lighting companies. Have the company measure the glass opening of the back of your door to get a perfect fit.

Adding Glass to Cabinet Doors

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the cabinet door and set it on top of the blanket.
  • Release the glass by either cutting and scraping out the putty, prying off the trim, or unscrewing the stops. If trim, use the flathead screwdriver to gently pry up the nails attaching the trim at the corners. Once they’re sticking out slightly, use the pliers to pull them completely out. Put the nails and trim sections somewhere safe.
  • Clear out all the broken glass and any other debris. If possible, use a shop vac to get all traces of dirt, dust, and glass away from the area.
  • Drop in the section of cut glass and replace the trim, putty, or stops. Check that the glass holds firmly in place.
  • Rehang the door and reinspect your work.

Cabinetdoors.com - For Replacement Glass Doors

Cabinet doors don’t last forever, after all, especially when they have glass in the middle. Instead of replacing just the glass, it may be time to replace the entire door, along with the rest of the doors. You could recreate your current style, try a different kind of glass door, or opt for something entirely new. Cabinetdoors.com has an extensive and exciting inventory with options to suit all kinds of kitchens. So the next time you’re mounting glass in cabinet doors, ask yourself if the broken glass is the least of the problems. Replacement doors are probably a lot more affordable, accessible, and impressive than you imagine.

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