Remodeling Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

You don't need to tear down a wall or build an addition to make a small kitchen look bigger. In fact, you can make the space feel less cramped and more spacious without changing the dimensions of the room at all. With the right kinds of renovations, you can transform a space without making any major changes. When people ask us how to make a small kitchen look bigger, we recommend the following five tips.

Top Tips for a Spacious Kitchen

1. Refinish the Cabinet Doors

Dark spaces tend to feel smaller. Since your cabinet doors are the primary visual element in your kitchen, doors with a dark stain or paint color make everything around them feel closer together. If your cabinets and doors are still in good condition, think about refinishing them in a lighter color. Even though you haven’t changed the dimensions at all, the space feels immediately more open. You can even avoid the refinishing work entirely by ordering painted cabinet doors to replace your current ones.

2. Add Glass to the Mix

Cabinet doors can actually factor into a lot of spacious kitchen ideas. For example, instead of refinishing your doors, consider replacing some or all of them with glass-fronted doors. Glass allows your vision to travel into the cabinet and all the way to the wall, creating the illusion of a larger space. Just be careful with how you arrange the contents of those cabinets. Keep everything tidy and organized inside, otherwise you're just showing off a bunch of clutter that can make a space feel smaller or less attractive.

3. Rethink the Storage Situation

Related to the previous point, clutter of any kind makes spaces feel more cramped. As much as possible, try to keep things off the counters and out of sight. When people are remodeling a small kitchen to look bigger, we always recommend they clean and organize. Find a permanent home for everything you want to keep in the kitchen. Then take everything else and either store it elsewhere, donate it, give it to friends, or throw it away as a last resort.

4. Work with Clean Lines

Ornate designs, while often beautiful, can also feel busy and distracting. You end up focusing so much on the design that you ignore everything around it and the space feels smaller as a result. Clean lines do just the opposite because they blend into the background of a space and encourage the eyes to move actively around the room. If your cabinet doors have a distracting design, consider replacing them with something simpler. Ordering replacement doors lets you change the design and finish at the same time, which transforms a space a lot more than you would expect.

5. Add More Light

The question of how to make a small kitchen spacious can be answered by adding more light to the darkest corners. You don’t want the space to be too bright, but adding some under-cabinet lighting that shines onto the counter space or over-cabinet lighting that shines onto the ceiling can draw the eye into spaces that would have been lost in shadows. You don’t even need to hire an electrician. Many of today’s LED lights attach with adhesive and shine for years on a single set of batteries.

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