Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are one of the most popular styles for modern and traditional kitchen designs. The timeless appeal and classic look make them a versatile choice that will continue to look good in your kitchen or bathroom for years to come, no matter how much your design preferences change. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are characterized by the clean lines & sharp angles of the unadorned frame and flat inset panel. At, we have over 21 different wood types to choose from and various styles to explore. Shop our selection of replacement shaker cabinet doors and find the perfect solution for your upcoming project.

What are shaker cabinet doors?

Shaker cabinets provide a modern, sleek, and simple design that can accommodate a variety of kitchen styles. This cabinet door style is popular for its clean lines, sharp curves, flat inset panel, and versatility.

What is the design style of shaker cabinet doors?

Shaker cabinet doors have a traditional look and feel with a contemporary flair. They are simple, classic, and versatile. This simplicity in the structure is designed to last a lifetime - so you can feel good about investing in this cabinet door style, knowing that it will continue to age elegantly as your design preferences change with the years.

What materials are shaker cabinet doors made of?

At, we have over 22 different material choices to choose from. We have 10 different types of wood, including a paint-grade option available. If you're looking for a prefinished custom cabinet door, you can also explore our 12 different painted options.

What finishes are available for shaker cabinet doors?

All our custom shaker cabinet doors are available with no finish or a natural clear finish. Natural clear finish is a clear coating that goes over the cabinets, providing a layer of protection and creating incredible shine. This finish is available with all of our shaker cabinet doors at an additional upcharge.

Are shaker cabinet doors suitable for both traditional and contemporary kitchens?

The beauty of shaker cabinet doors is that the traditional structure can be painted and styled to meet the design of your kitchen. The simplicity has a minimal look and feel that allows the beauty of the wood type and the superior craftsmanship to flourish.

Can shaker cabinet doors be customized in terms of size and dimensions?

Yes. When shopping for custom shaker cabinet doors for your project, you'll notice we have a variety of looks and styles that fit into the shaker cabinet door collection.

On each product page, minimum and maximum width and height are listed under the shaker door specs. If you have any questions about size and dimensions, reach out to the team!

Can you provide recommendations for hardware that complements shaker cabinet doors?

When looking for hardware to pair with your custom shaker cabinet doors, you'll want to consider the wood type and the finish.

For example, if you choose cherry wood for your cabinet doors, you may pair them with nickel, brass, or pewter hardware. These silvery colors will complement the natural warmth of the wood, creating a warm, homey feel in your space. You'll also want to consider the design choices of your kitchen.

Can I order shaker glass-ready cabinet doors with glass inserts?

We have Shaker Glass Ready Cabinet Doors available to order on our site. These doors are custom-built to fit a piece of glass. However, the glass insert does not come with the custom shaker cabinets.

You will need to purchase the glass inserts separately and secure them to the door using decorative clips or apply a bead of silicone.

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