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Here is a common question we get from folks looking for replacement cabinet doors.

"I’m struggling to find the exact size I need in replacement cabinet doors. They’re impossible to find, it seems that nobody stocks the sizes I need."

 It’s a frustrating situation, and one that can feel impossible if you don’t know where to look. However, at, we can build you the replacement cabinet doors in the size that you need.  We offer custom replacement kitchen cabinet doors! You can purchase your wood cabinet door replacement from in a variety of wood types, and in whatever size you need for your remodeling or new-home project.  We ship fully-sanded doors right to your front door in a matter of about 2 to 4 short weeks, depending on the finish you choose. Wondering how to replace cabinet doors by ordering from We can help you. 

Benefits of Replacement Cabinet Doors

Think of all the rooms in your home that have cabinets in them—the kitchen, bathroom, office, rec room, mud room, laundry room, etc. After years of being opened and closed, touched and cleaned, those doors can start to look very worn out, or at least out of date. However, behind that expired door is a cabinet that might still be perfectly sturdy and functional. There are lots of compelling reasons to use replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts instead of getting entirely new cabinets, including:

  • Cost - Replacement cabinet doors cost much less than replacing kitchen cabinets entirely. With something like replacement bathroom cabinet doors, it doesn’t have to take a big budget to make a big impact.

  • Commitment - Renovating a whole room can take weeks and cause a huge mess, but replacing just the cabinet doors is quick and causes hardly any disruption to your home. If you will have guests in your house sometime soon, you probably still have time to make a major home upgrade in the form of replacement cabinet doors.

  • Complexity - If you like DIY projects but aren’t up for renovating your whole kitchen yourself, replacing your doors is both fun and manageable. The fact that it’s so easy also helps keep the costs down because you don’t have to hire a contractor.

  • Consequence - Despite being accessible and affordable, replacement cabinet doors can transform an entire space, not just the cabinets. If you have a room that feels worn, unpleasant, or outdated, replacement cabinet doors with a different finish and style may be all you need to upgrade your space.

Why Is It So Difficult to Find Replacement Cabinet Doors in the Exact Size Needed?

Finding replacement cabinet doors in a specific size can be surprisingly problematic because there are no "standard" sizes of cabinets, meaning there’s no standard size for the doors they use either. There are thousands of individual custom cabinet makers across the country, and each one has their own standard. That's why hardware stores don't stock replacements for every cabinet door—there are just too many different sizes.

Here is the math that illustrates why stocking all cabinet door sizes, in all styles, is impossible:

  • Typical door widths are from 8-inches wide, to 30-inches wide. This width-span would need to offer sizes from 8" to 30" in 1/16th inch increments, to fit all possible door-width needs.

  • The 1/16" steps, from 8 to 30-inches, would require 352 different widths. (30 - 8 = 22 x 16 = 352)

The same math applies to door heights:

  • Typical height is from 8" to 60". 

  • The 1/16" steps, from 8 to 60-inches would require 832 different heights. (60 - 8 = 52 x 16 = 832)

Multiplying the required widths by the required heights gives 292,000 door sizes. (352 x 832 = 292,864) Clearly, stocking 292,000 door sizes in each of the 40 most popular door styles, and in ten different wood types, just isn’t feasible. That would require an inventory of over 117 million cabinet doors, assuming only one of each was stocked (292,864 x 40 x 10 = 117,146,000)! So how can you replace kitchen cabinet doors only if the stores don’t stock the sizes you need?

Thankfully, when you order your replacement cabinet doors from The Door Stop, you won't need to settle for sizes that are "close-to" or "almost the correct size". Since you’re able to order directly from the actual factory, you can order the "exact size" you need, right down to the nearest 1/16-inch. In other words, you can get custom-sized replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, so each cabinet door front replacement fits exactly as it should.

How to Determine Replacement Cabinet Doors Cost 

Replacement Cabinet Doors are built to the nearest 1/6th of an inch, to fit perfectly over your opening, depending on the overlay that you choose.  We price everything by the square foot, which determined by the door style, wood type and finish options.  So if you need a Cabinet Door that's 12 7/16" wide by 27 15/16" high, that's no problem. The price of your door is calculated by the square-feet of the door's area.  An example calculation of the cost is shown below.

For example let’s say you’re ordering a Shaker replacement kitchen cabinet door in an unfinished paint grade wood.  Sized at 12 7/16” x 27 15/16” (area of 2.413 Sq. Ft). If the cost-per-square-foot for that door is $12.72, the cost for this door will be $12.72 x 2.413, or $30.69 each.

A door sized in even-inch dimensions makes the math easier to follow, but the price is figured the same way. So whether you need doors sized in even-inch increments or 1/16-inch increments, it doesn't make a difference to us, the price is still figured by the size of the door in square-feet. If you’re not a math whiz, don’t worry. We’ll calculate the cost of your door for you when you enter the size you need on our ordering pages.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts: What Offers

Instead of just making the 40 most popular styles of replacement kitchen cabinet doors only, we offer over 400 different door styles. Each one is available from the factory in 1/16” increments and in any of the 10 wood types we offer.

We can provide an astonishing 117 million different combinations of sizes, wood types, and styles of replacement cabinet doors to you. And, because it’s so easy for anyone to access our store online, it’s possible for homeowners to accomplish on their own what the national big box home improvement chains can't. 

It may come to a surprise that our factory doesn't stock all the possible doors either—who has the room?—We make the doors to our customers specifications once they are ordered, so they meet your requirements exactly. Additionally, because of manufacturing size and efficiency, we can build your entire order in as few as 7-10 business days, depending on the finish option you’ve requested.  We ship all over the continental US so shipping time can be 2-6 business days depending on your location.  

How to Choose the Right Wood Type

First things first, you’ll want to think about what kind of look you’re interested in for your room. If you’re not sure, explore what has to offer. Check out our selection to get inspired, or find the perfect fit for the look you’re after.

Here are a few examples of the over four-hundred cabinet door styles we make. Click on the door name to open the product page where that door can be priced and ordered.

adobe.jpg          adobe-glass.jpg         harvest.jpg

                                 Adobe                                                             Adobe Glass Ready                                                           Harvest
 fiesta.jpg         frontier.jpg         delaware-thekd.jpg

                                Fiesta                                                                  Frontier                                                                      Delaware 

 wilmingtonooo.jpg       shakerrrrrr.jpg         heritageeeeeee.jpg

                      Wilmington                                                                    Shaker                                                                       Heritage

Why Work With

There is a reason we are considered the internet's leading source for replacement cabinet doors by designers, contractors, and homeowners across the country. We offer what others can’t or won’t:

1. We custom-build each cabinet door and ship it directly to you, the customer. Since we cut out the middleman, our prices are routinely lower than big box stores. And since we use economies of scale, we are more affordable than most local cabinet door producers too.

2. Our replacement kitchen cabinet doors are made from high-quality woods and built on 21st-century woodworking equipment. Every door displays the highest commitment to quality.

3. We can produce most orders within 7-10 business days (about 2 weeks longer if you have us paint them for you). You can expect your order to arrive at your front door about 2 ½-3 weeks after you place it. (4-5 weeks if it’s painted)

4. After over 40 years in business, we have learned how to produce a superior product and how to deliver superior service. That has earned us countless five-star customer ratings as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How to Place a Replacement Cabinet Doors Order

If you’re prepared for purchasing and ready to replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, offers a variety of custom-sized, high quality cabinet doors that will add a stylish and modern touch to your home. Explore to see what styles you love and choose the size, wood species, and finish you need. Order your replacement cabinet doors right on the website today! 

Contact us by email, or call us at 800-342-1010 if you have any questions or need guidance for your wood cabinet door replacement. We can even help you find information and video guides we’ve created if you need to know how to replace kitchen cabinet doors on your own. Discover the high quality products and excellent customer service we offer today. When it comes to replacement cabinet doors, always delivers. 

Replacement Cabinet Door FAQs

Can you replace just cabinet doors?

Yes, you can certainly replace only your cabinet doors for a great way to refresh your kitchen space. In fact, replacing your cabinet doors is often an easier, less time-consuming, and more affordable option.  Make sure to order from a specialized cabinet door manufacturer, like, as many manufacturers require that you buy a complete door and frame and base setup.

Are cabinet doors expensive?

The price of cabinet doors can vary depending on the style, finish, and wood species of the cabinet door that you order. However, replacing cabinet doors is an effective and cheaper decision than replacing your entire cabinet system, especially when done as a DIY project. Plus, when you order direct from a custom door manufacturer, like, you can buy cabinet doors at wholesale prices for a much cheaper but quality product.

How much do replacement cabinet doors cost?

The cost of replacement cabinet doors depends on several factors, like the type of wood used, the style of the door, and the finish used. Adding up these factors and the amount of wood you need in square footage will help you determine the price. The cost of replacement doors is much cheaper when you buy doors from a custom manufacturer that offers warehouse pricing.

Can I replace cabinet doors by myself?

Replacing cabinet doors makes for a great DIY project since it only requires a few tools and can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. You can even choose to order paint-grade doors if you prefer to do the finishing process yourself.  If you want to decrease the work you need to do, you can also order doors with the holes pre-drilled for the hinges.

Where to buy cabinet doors?

You can buy cabinet doors from various sources, including online sites or home improvement stores. However, many stores have limited options or require that you buy a whole cabinet system. The best place to buy cabinet doors is from an online, custom manufacturer like, which provides custom-made doors at warehouse pricing delivered straight to your door.


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