Red Oak Cabinet Doors

Not All Red Oak is Equal

Red Oak is one of the most popular woods for cabinets. It's reliable, It's durable, and It's beautiful when used for cabinet doors.

But, not all of the Red Oaks are equally beautiful. There are many varieties within the Red Oak families and this discussion is limited to those more commonly used in the manufacture of Cabinets and Cabinet Doors.

I've also limited this discussion to those Red Oaks found in the United States and Canada. Red Oak is divided into three main growing regions, Southern, Appalachian, and Northern. Each of these regions can be further sub-divided based on the color and quality of the Red Oak that grows within the sub-regions. As a broad overview, Oak from the southern regions has a faster growth rate and tends to have the widest color range of the regions. Oak from the Appalachian region grows slower than the Southern Oaks with a color range somewhat more consistent than the Southern Oaks. The Northern Oaks are generally considered to be the highest quality. The Northern Oaks have a shorter growing season and therefore have a slower growth rate. The color is much more consistent, but the mill prices are higher than the Appalachian or Southern Oaks. The best of the best is a sub-group of the Northern Oaks which grows in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Red Oaks from this region are commonly referred to as Glacial Northern Red Oak. The growth rings tend to be very tight indicating the very slow growth rate, and the color consistency is exceptional. The color is a Light Wheat Color. This Glacial Red Oak has exceptional color and is what we use for new home Kitchen Cabinet Doors and for Replacement Cabinet Doors.

I've visited many mills in each region and most mills can supply limited quantities of Wheat Colored Red Oak by performing a color sort, but the wide color spectrum of Red Oak from the Appalachian and Southern regions makes color sorting labor intensive. Red Oak sorts from the Glacial sub-region is easy as the majority of the Oak is naturally Wheat Color, so the pricing tends to reflect the Grading Rules more than the color sort labor constraints.

Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts used in higher end housing tend to be made by local Custom Cabinet Shops while cabinets used in more affordable housing is more likely to be Modular Cabinets. The Modular Cabinet industry, for the last decade, has been hard pressed to match the costs of Chinese manufacturers and many have either moved their operations to China, or just gone out of business.

Those Custom Cabinet Shops that supply custom home builders tend to supply a product that is noticeably superior to the Modular Cabinets. The most notable aspects of Custom Cabinetry superiority include more uniform and consistent color in the woods used in the Cabinet Doors and improved humidity effect. That is why Cabinetdoors.com uses Glacial Northern Red Oak in every one of the Red Oak doors we make.

Designing With Red Oak Cabinet Doors

Red Oak cabinets look fantastic in any setting. For instance, if the cabinet doors in your kitchen look worn out and weathered, replacing them with Red Oak options will give the entire space an upgrade, not just the cabinets. The same is true in your bathroom, office, recreation room, or any room where your cabinetry could use an improvement. If you have decided that Red Oak is right for you, work through the rest of these steps to find the ideal replacement cabinet doors.
* Find the Right Size - At Cabinetdoors.com, we custom build each door to your exact specification so that it fits your existing cabinets perfectly. Find out what size(s) you need by removing one of the doors you intend to replace.    Measure from side to side and top to bottom to get the correct width and height.

* Red Oak Cabinet Doors Unfinished - Choose what kind of finish you want. We sell unfinished red oak cabinet doors that come fully sanded and ready for you to finish however you like. That could mean staining the wood to         accentuate its rich, natural grain, or order it with a clear finish applied for a more natural feel.

* Decide About Hinges - For the very easiest installation, consider ordering your doors with hinge holes pre-drilled exactly where they need to be. When you take this step, we also include premium, soft-close Blum hinges that     ensure the doors close softly (and quietly) no matter how much force is applied. The extra investment gives your cabinets an upscale feel and helps extend the life of your replacement doors.

Why Order from Cabinetdoors.com?

We are one of the most popular suppliers of custom-built cabinet doors online, but that’s not the only reason why so many people choose us to create their replacement doors. In fact, the simplicity of our online ordering process is just one of many things homeowners, contractors, and designers prefer about working with us:

Our prices for Red Oak kitchen cabinet doors and options in all styles and species are lower than you will find at the big box stores because we cut out the middleman and sell direct to you. Plus, thanks to the scale of our     operations, we can beat the prices commonly offered by smaller, local cabinet makers.
* As we discussed earlier, we use the highest-quality Red Oak available in nature, and we source all our wood from sources known for their quality and consistency. We also produce all our doors on advanced woodworking   equipment that ensures perfect sizing and precise details. Despite the low cost, expect a premium product.

* Our facility is so efficient that we can complete your order in 10 -15 business days in most cases, after which we ship it to any address in the US in around 6 days or less. Instead of waiting months to get replacement doors,     expect yours to arrive at your front door in a little over 3 weeks.

* We have been selling custom-built cabinet doors for more than three decades, giving us deep insights about how to optimize the experience. Thanks to our tireless commitment to quality and improvement, we have earned     five- star ratings from many of our customers and been graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau. 

Add a stylish touch to your home with Red Oak cabinet doors from Cabinetdoors.com. Order your custom cabinet doors today! Contact us online or call us at 800-342-1010.

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