What is a Cabinet Stile?

A cabinet stile is the vertical component of a complete cabinet door frame. Cabinet frames feature two vertical stiles and two horizontal rails. Together, these two components create a frame and panel technique. Stiles and rails are typically used for raised panels, inset panels, glass-ready, and other traditional cabinet door styles. 

Stiles can also add to the overall aesthetic and design of the kitchen. For example, wider stiles are ideal for traditional or vintage kitchens. While thinner stiles may help you achieve a more modern or contemporary aesthetic. Stiles also provide the cabinets with optimal structure support, ensuring that the cabinets can withstand the weight of the items inside.

While stiles and rails are the standard for most cabinets, a few different types of cabinet doors do not use this frame construction. This includes slab cabinet doors and flat panel cabinets. These cabinet doors are commonly known for their elegant, modern appearance and have a "frameless" aesthetic.

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