Wholesale Cabinet Doors


If you are searching for wholesale cabinet doors The Door Stop offers the highest quality cabinet doors at wholesale prices. We offer a wide variety of styles of cabinet doors and fabricate them using Cope & Stick Raised Panel DoorsCope & Stick Inset Panel Doors, and Mitered Cabinet Doors. The internet has allowed the DIY homeowner access to cabinet doors direct from the manufacturer. We have streamlined our ordering system to allow homeowners the ability to order the custom cabinet doors they need without placing giant orders that retailers charge. This cuts the middle man out and saves homeowners money.

Buying Wholesale Cabinet Doors

The Door Stop has taken full advantage of the internet and has made selling direct to the homeowner possible and more affordable by removing the need for marketing and sales. Our well designed website allows the homeowner access to the manufacturers products with no marketing or sales staff which inflate costs. The website allows the customer to select and order the product with no manufacturer assistance required. The website will place the order into the manufacturing schedule and coordinate the shipping, again without any additional marketing or sales costs.

In the past if the DIY homeowner could locate a real cabinet door manufacturer, they would likely find the manufacturer unwilling to sell his products directly to the homeowner. These manufacturers had tailored marketing toward home builders and custom cabinet shops, and simply were not interested in a one-time order from a homeowner. While other manufacturers have realized the value of allowing homeowners to order direct and have followed our business model, we are still the original and most experienced on wholesale cabinet doors. For the past 18 years The Door Stop has been offering cabinet doors and drawer fronts directly to homeowners through the website

Advantages Of Buying Wholesale

Being able to order direct from the manufacturer save you money, gives you greater variety to choose from, and makes your budget go further. We don't have the overhead costs that distributors or retailers have

  • Customers can get the quality they want at better pricing than any brick and mortar store.
  • Budgets go further with The Door Stop so customers can get more for their money.
  • Greater variety of selection as we are the full line supplier was started by The Door Stop specifically to offer whole sale cabinet doors direct to homeowners and cabinet installers. Without passing the cabinet doors through distributors, retailers, and paying sales people we can offer the best product at the best pricing. In fact on average our high quality wholesale cabinet doors save customers between 30 to 50% compared to large retail chain stores.

Ordering Your Wholesale Cabinet Doors

Follow this link to browse our most popular door styles. Just click a door picture, select a wood from the dropdown menu, then enter width and height sizes. The price of your door in that style, wood, and size is instantly shown. No need to list all the door information and send it to us in an email, then wait for our response. All pricing is done on the website. Then, after you have completed and approved your shopping cart, the order is integrated directly into our scheduling computers and into production within hours. Your order will be completed in just 12-15 days, packed, and shipped to you by UPS Ground. Depending on your distance from our factory, shipping time will be from 1-to-5 additional days.

If you have any questions about ordering your wholesale cabinet doors please Contact Us.

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