Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors

Create a brand-new look in your kitchen with Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors. The simple, sleek design of Edge Banded Cabinet Doors makes them perfect for contemporary and modern design styles that embrace minimalism. However, it’s impossible not to admire the versatility of these doors, as the straightforward construction can be combined with almost any wood type or finish to fit any kitchen.

No matter how you envision your ideal kitchen, these doors can fit right in. The thick construction of these doors also makes them remarkably durable and resistant to warping, giving you peace of mind that will last. Shop Edge Banded Slab Doors for your kitchen cabinets today.



What are Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors?

Edge banded slab cabinet doors are a popular style with a smooth surface and a minimalist appearance. The edge banding is a small piece of material that sits on the edge of the door. It's designed to cover the exposed edges of the door, improving durability and functionality.

What makes Slab Cabinet Doors suitable for contemporary and modern designs?

The clean lines and design of edge banded slab doors are versatile and sleek, perfect for a minimalist kitchen design. Slab cabinet doors don't have any ornate designs, raised panels, or intricate detailing, making them the go-to choice for modern and minimalist designs.

What styles do Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors come in?

Edge banded slab cabinet doors can complement a variety of interior design styles. The most popular kitchen designs include modern, Scandinavian, contemporary, and rustic homes. You can choose from various materials and colors to achieve the desired look you're trying to get for your kitchen design.

What materials are your Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors made of?

Edge banded slab cabinet doors are available in nine different wood types and 12 colors. We also have a variety of laminated edge banded slab doors that come in 11 different wood types. Email our team for more information if you have questions about the colors, grain pattern, or style.

Are Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors available in standard sizes, or can I order custom sizes?

At, all our edge banded slab cabinet doors are custom-made and made to order. Send us your measurements, and we'll handle everything else for you. To learn how to measure your cabinets, read our blog: How to Measure Cabinet Doors: The Full Guide.

Are Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors ready for installation upon delivery?

At, you can order custom edge banded slab cabinet doors, finished or unfinished. Unfinished cabinet doors may be more cost-effective but require additional labor before installation.

How resistant are Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors to warping?

Edge banded slab cabinets have a thicker construction than traditional cabinet doors, making them much more durable and warp-resistant. This means this type of cabinet is an ideal choice for extreme temperatures or humid climates.

Can I get a custom finish on my Edge Banded Slab Cabinet Doors?

We offer a variety of laminate, paint, and wood types for your custom cabinet door project. You also have the option to add a natural clear finish to any of the wood types you select. If you can't find a paint type you like, we also have a paint grade option, so you can paint your cabinet doors at home.

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