Maple Cabinet Doors

If you are searching for maple cabinet doors, can help you save 30-50% on the prices you’ll find at a big box retail store. We provide custom-sized wholesale painted or unfinished maple cabinet doors at a discount price. 


For countless generations maple wood has been one of the most highly regarded selections for cabinetry, flooring, and furniture. Antique shops are replete with beautiful pieces handcrafted in maple and many historic homes still feature the original maple cabinetry. If you’re interested in high quality maple kitchen cabinets, buy factory-direct from

Solid Maple Cabinet Doors

Maple is known for being one of the hardest of the hardwood varieties and, because of this, it’s popular in cabinet door construction. It is a durable wood and ideal for kitchen cabinet doors as it’s able to take regular, everyday use by every member of the family. Even with constant use, maple continues to look great for many years to come. is proud to offer maple cabinet doors custom-sized in our factory and delivered directly to your door. Every cabinet door we offer can be made to your exact specifications so it is the size you need. We offer maple cabinet doors in many styles and two main fabrication types: cope and stick cabinet doors and mitered cabinet doors. Both fabrication types are available in raised panel and inset panel styles.

All Time Most Popular Cabinet Doors


Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you’re ready to start looking for new cabinet doors for your space, explore our best selling and most popular cabinet doors all available in Maple! We’ve supplied many satisfied customers with our high quality cabinet doors in countless styles and wood types. Just click any door you’re interested in to see the different wood types offered, including maple.

Cabinet Doors with a Cope and Stick Joint

If you’re interested in solid maple cabinet doors featuring a cope and stick joint, we have a variety  of options. Whether it’s a raised panel, or an inset panel, maple kitchen cabinet doors give your kitchen an added dimension of texture and visual interest. You can also opt for an arched style for additional style and interest.


Cabinet Doors with a Mitered Joint

Mitered maple cabinet doors offer the visually stunning and greater reliability of 5-piece cabinet door fabrication with the blind mortise and tenon joint. Mitered cabinet doors feature the diagonally joining lines of the sections of wood at the corners, giving the door a picture frame-like appeal.


All Inset and Raised Panel Doors are Available in Maple!

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 From inset panels, to raised panels, you have an excellent array of options!



Maple Cabinet Drawer Fronts

If you need new drawer fronts, too, maple wood drawer fronts are made to complement and match the maple wood cabinet doors you like best. Whether you’re preparing to give your room a complete overhaul, or just need to replace worn or old drawer fronts, take a look below to learn about the drawer front styles we offer, all available in Maple! Also, Just like our solid maple cabinet doors, our drawer fronts made from maple are very tough and durable.  

We offer drawer fronts in two fabrications and a selection of styles that match the cabinet doors you choose. is proud to offer drawer fronts in both 5-piece and slab  fabrications.  Everything we fabricate is made with highly precise woodworking machinery and is built to last. 

What Are the Benefits of Maple Wood?

Maple is a hard, dense wood, making maple kitchen cabinet doors some of the strongest cabinet doors available. Maple is also an attractive wood with an even grain and a consistent shading that looks amazing when sanded and dyed or stained with light and natural tones. While staining maple cabinet doors is trickier than staining other woods, it is possible. We’ve even compiled some tips for staining maple to help you if you opt for stain instead of using dye or a clear coat finish. 

Maple is also more affordable than some of the other wood species options available, and it provides great long-term value because it’s a naturally tough material designed to stand up to years of abuse. If you’re looking for cabinet doors that can handle everyday wear and tear, maple cabinet doors are a great choice for you. 

Where to Use Maple Cabinet Doors

Maple cabinet doors look great in any space and function well, too, making them appropriate for any space you can imagine. If the cabinet doors in any room are starting to show the telltale signs of needing to be replaced, replacement maple cabinet doors are an excellent solution. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you start designing:

  • Custom maple cabinet doors look equally attractive in a kitchen, bathroom, office, rec room, laundry room, or commercial space. Consider using maple anywhere your maple kitchen cabinets need new, durable doors.

  • Maple is adaptable to any finish you choose, so don’t hesitate to choose this fantastic wood type. Most people choose to seal or stain their maple cabinet doors to highlight the natural grain, but maple also looks good when painted because of the tight and smooth grain. You can order your custom maple cabinet doors fully sanded and ready for you to stain or paint yourself, or order them with our clear conversion varnish in a satin sheen.

  • Maple cabinet doors work well with any design aesthetic. Maple has a rich, natural look, so it works well in rustic, classic, or cozy designs. However, it can also have a smooth sleek finish when painted that incorporates nicely into more modern, contemporary spaces. Whether you order unfinished maple cabinet doors, or professionally finished with our Sherwin-Williams conversion varnish, you can achieve the look you want. 

Why Order Maple Cabinet Doors from

There’s a reason is one of the internet’s leading suppliers of maple cabinet doors. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll benefit when you order directly from our factory:

  • Our custom-built doors are cut to your exact specifications so they fit your existing maple kitchen cabinets perfectly.

  • We cut out the middleman to keep maple cabinet door prices 30-50% lower than the big box stores.

  • All of our doors, whether they’re made in maple or any other hardwood, are fabricated with high-quality materials and built on advanced woodworking machinery.

  • We ship most orders within 15-25 business days of the order being placed. Shipping is available anywhere in the continental US and takes just a few days depending on where you’re located.

  • After over 40 years in business, we have been honored with many five-star customer reviews as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Do you have maple kitchen cabinets? Order your high quality maple cabinet doors from and add a well-built, stylish touch to your home that you can trust to last. Still not sure how to start sorting through all your cabinet door options? If you’re still stumped, feel free to give us a call at (800) 342-1010 or contact us online today. We can help guide you so you can choose maple kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts you’ll love. When it comes to maple cabinet doors, always delivers. Order your custom cabinet doors today! 

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