What To Know About Slab Drawer Fronts

Jul 12th 2021

Slab drawer fronts with Shaker cabinet doors

(Slab drawer fronts with our Shaker cabinet doors.)

The Aesthetic Appeal of Slab Drawer Fronts

People typically choose Slab Drawer Fronts because they like the clean, simple look of them. Slab Drawer Fronts have a distinctly sleek and modern look, and can also disappear into the background, making them more utilitarian. In smaller rooms, many people find that Slab Drawer Fronts help keep the room from feeling fussy. Additionally, if you have more detailed elements in a room and you want those to shine, you can incorporate Slab Drawer Fronts to ensure that they don’t pull attention, they can be used without hardware for a super clean look, or with hardware to customize your style. For a contemporary look that feels simple and unadorned, Slab Drawer Fronts can be a clear choice for clean lines.

How Are Slab Drawer Fronts Constructed?

Slab Drawer Fronts can be constructed in a number of different ways, depending on budget and desired look. For instance, they can be from one solid piece of wood, or MDF. Or they can be made with multiple solid wood panels that are glued up, then cut to the desired size, and edge option. Solid hardwood is a very durable option for your Slab Drawer Fronts. Most solid wood panels are usually glued up from several narrower pieces and drawer fronts are no different.

Or you can choose to go with MDF, which is a great option if you're going to be painting, or having them painted professionally. They help ensure a smooth finish since they don’t have the natural grain pattern that is in a hardwood slab drawer front. However when it comes to the outside design you may be limited since MDF can be quite dense and may require special edging tools. At we offer a full MDF Slab Drawer Front in either a #4, or a #2 outside edge. You can see the edge options here.

Choosing Slab Drawer Fronts

If you are interested in Slab Drawer Fronts for your space, you can choose a style that complements the style and design of your cabinet doors. The outside edge of our Slab Drawer Fronts can be matched to the outside edge of all our door styles. Slab Drawer Fronts can complete a clean, contemporary look, or can help highlight the design of your cabinet doors in the room. You can even choose to go with Slab Drawer Fronts over 5 Piece Drawer Fronts to showcase hardware that you absolutely love, that may not be a good fit on a 5 Piece Drawer Front.

For the cleanest look, you can skip the hardware for a sleek modern look by adding finger pulls to the backs of your Slab Drawer Fronts. Or, you can customize the look of your slab drawer fronts with large pulls that are bold and substantial, or use knobs for a more delicate and refined look to fit your aesthetic.

On A Budget? Slab Drawer Fronts can be more budget friendly than 5 Piece Drawer Fronts.

Whether you want to stretch your dollars and keep a very tight budget, or splurge on your doors, but not the drawer fronts, Slab Drawer Fronts are easily the most budget friendly when it comes to your kitchen cabinet refacing project. They can also be made in smaller sizes since they don’t have the minimum height and width restrictions that 5 Piece Drawer Fronts can have. Slab Drawer Fronts require less labor, and less material waste to build. So these are a great option when trying to get the most bang for your buck!

Slab drawer fronts with our Revere doors

(The pictures above shows the Revere doors with slab drawer fronts.)

Order Slab Drawer Fronts from

When you order your Slab Drawer Fronts from us, you’ll be able to order to your exact specifications. Once you place your order, your slab drawer fronts will be manufactured in our factory, then shipped directly to you. You will not have to worry about dealing with a middleman at a retail store, and you will not have to pay the retail markup. Once your Slab Drawer Fronts arrive at your home, they are ready for installation.

Let help you create the room you have been envisioning with the help of our Slab drawer fronts. As experienced manufacturers, we guarantee our workmanship and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your products. Find out more by contacting us today! When it comes to our Slab Drawer Fronts, always delivers. 

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