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Our Top 6 Most Popular Cabinet Doors

What kind of cabinets doors are today’s top designers using? Which styles are particularly popular with homeowners across the country? What sort of cabinet doors would busy kitchen contractors prefer to install? To answer all those questions, you only have to consider the most popular cabinet doors in our inventory right now. These are the styles that we sell the most of, and the most often. Regardless of whether you like to follow trends or buck them, it helps to know what kinds of cabinet doors are particularly in demand right now. These are the top six:


This style has been one of the most popular cabinet doors for over 200 years now. The shaker style is clean, simple, and straightforward, featuring a basic frame around a recessed panel. Shaker doors don’t stand out, which is entirely the point. They blend tastefully into the background of any space, making them easy to incorporate into any design and create instant appeal wherever they’re installed. This style is also known for strong, sturdy construction that makes these doors more durable than some other options.

Shaker style cabinet doors look great in classic homes because they have a classic look themselves. They also work in newer homes because the clean lines and simple design blend well with modern tastes. For a more elevated look, consider using shaker doors with glass panels. The simplicity of the shaker style allows the texture and color of the glass you choose to really shine.


Adobe style doors are similar to shaker style doors, but they have a little more embellishment around the outside edge and inside frame. All of them are cope & stick – meaning the parts of the door frame meet at a 90-degree angle – and have recessed center panels. Adobe doors offer a subtle style that is especially popular with homeowners looking to upgrade a space without making the doors the center of attention. This option is also highly flexible in terms of design, as Adobe doors look great in any wood species and also equally complement paint or stain finishes.

A big reason Adobe is on the list of the most popular cabinet doors is because they elevate any space. You can install Adobe doors on older cabinets and those cabinets instantly look new. Even better, they make the whole space look better than it did before. If your goal is to improve your home, not just replace your cabinet doors, Adobe does not disappoint.


Aspen cabinet doors are yet another variation of the Shaker style. They have more detail than traditional Shaker doors but less than Adobe doors, offering a middle ground that a lot of people think is perfect for their home. Red Oak and Alder are the most popular wood species to use in this style because they have a rich grain and a warm tone that brings the feeling of the outdoors inside. That’s why Aspen style doors are particularly popular in spaces meant to feel rustic, country, cozy, or classical.

Like other options on this list, Aspen style cabinet doors are available with the glass ready option divided into one, four, or six sections of glass. Glass cabinet doors have always been popular and likely will always be popular because they make spaces feel bigger and brighter. If you are especially in love with the Aspen style, you can also get matching drawer fronts so that every part of your cabinetry has a clean, continuous look.


To give you a sense of how popular Revere style doors are, we have built over 800,000 of them over the last 30 years. This style defies time and trends for the simple reason that it always looks great. Defining features include the raised center panel surrounded with tasteful edging around the inside and outside of the door frame. Revere doors are not necessarily classic or contemporary. Rather, they’re a style that stands out in any space without clashing with the rest of the design. If you want to make a statement, these doors should be high on your list.

As part of the design process, consider how you want the doors finished. You can order Revere doors in a wide range of rich hardwood species, each with a unique grain and tone. If you order your doors “paint-grade,” they’ll be shipped to you fully sanded and ready for you to paint however you choose. You can also order them with one of five contemporary paint colors already applied. With so many options available, you can make Revere cabinet doors (or any option on this list) look however you like.


It’s easy to understand why a list of the most popular cabinet doors includes this entry. Delaware doors offer an unmistakable style and an undeniable sophistication. They feature more embellishment than any other door style on this list, incorporating intricate borders and fine details that immediately grab the attention of anyone in the room. Delaware style doors aren’t for everyone, but for some people they are absolutely the best option available.

Most designers incorporate Delaware doors into spaces meant to feel either classical or upscale, but that isn’t to say they couldn’t fit into modern spaces as well. With a wide variety of wood species to choose from, there are exciting ways to pair the ornamentation of Delaware doors with whatever design scheme you desire.


Executive style doors have earned their name because of their strong and official look. It’s not hard to image these doors inside of an executive office thanks to their impressive if not imposing presence. Using these doors is a great way to highlight the organic look of hardwoods like Knotty Alder or Hickory, but they are also a way to showcase solid paint colors, from something simple like black or white to something bold like red or green.

People use executive cabinet doors in their kitchens, but they can provide an upgrade in any room. Not surprisingly, they are popular in home offices because they make the space look more official and less like an afterthought. They also work well in bathrooms, rec rooms, laundry rooms, or any part of the home with cabinetry. Plus, thanks to the wide outside frame, executive doors are extra durable, making them ideal for spaces that see a lot of wear and tear. will custom build the most popular cabinet doors to your exact specifications. It couldn’t be easier to replace the doors you have with the doors you really want. Take some time to explore our selection. Some styles are more popular than others, but all of them offer something attractive. Learn more about what we do in our FAQ section, and contact us if you have questions along the way.


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