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Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles 2021

Like all aspects of home décor, cabinet door styles come and go. That means if you have older cabinet doors it can leave your kitchen looking less than appealing. The good news is you don’t have to replace the entire cabinet to update the aesthetic - you only need to replace the doors themselves. As you’re imagining your new interior design, consider some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles.

#1. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are as popular in 2021 as they were in 1821. This look has never gone out of style thanks to its clean and simple look that fits into any kitchen. The doors resemble a basic “frame” with the edges surrounding an inset panel. As you begin to consider various wood types, colors, and finishes, it’s clear why the Shaker cabinet door have remained so popular - they look amazing anywhere.

#2. Adobe Cabinet Doors

The Adobe cabinet door is a variation of the traditional Shaker style. There is more detail on the inside of the frame next to the inset panel, as well as an outside edge detail. The details are subtle, but it gives The Adobe Door a little extra visual appeal. This is one of the rare kitchen cabinet door styles that works just as well in a classic kitchen as it does in a modern kitchen.

#3. Glass Ready Cabinet Doors

Glass ready cabinet doors are simply cabinet doors that are routed on the back to fit a glass panel instead of wood. Glass cabinet doors are popular right now because they help kitchens feel bigger and brighter. They also turn the colorful items inside the cabinets into yet another interesting visual element in the overall interior design. The combination of clean lines and clear glass helps glass ready doors make any space feel airy and open.

#4. Heritage Cabinet Doors

Heritage cabinet doors offer a sophisticated and ornamental look that immediately turns the cabinets into a focal point of the kitchen. These doors have a raised panel in the center that gives them the dynamic element of depth. Historically, Heritage cabinet doors have been popular in more classic or quaint kitchens. However, with the right color and finish, these doors can elevate the appeal of any kitchen.

#5. Revere Cabinet Doors

Revere cabinet doors are a variation on the Heritage style. They feature a raised panel in the center but with a slightly different detail on the panel. The slight change in embellishment makes Revere cabinet doors look particularly ornate and eye-catching even from a distance. If you’re trying to make a statement with your kitchen, these doors speak loudly.

#6. Aspen Cabinet Doors

Aspen cabinet doors are another take on the Shaker style. They are characterized by their smooth, simple, and sophisticated look. People choose Aspen cabinet doors because they highlight the craftsmanship of the construction and the subtlety of the wood finish. Plus, they complement almost any kitchen style from rustic to contemporary.

Find the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

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