Guide to Choosing Concealed Hinges

Posted by Donovan Thornhill on Jun 22nd 2021

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When it comes time to order your replacement cabinet doors, don’t forget about the hardware! You’ll need hinges to connect your cabinet doors to your cabinet faces, but how do you know what kind of hinge type to use?

If you choose concealed hinges, how do you know they’ll be installed correctly? Are you confident enough to bore hinge pockets into your brand-new cabinet doors?

If you’re unsure about any of it or just want to save time and worry, can make the hinge installation process easier. With any cabinet door order, we can bore the hinge cups for concealed cabinet door hinges for you before delivery, ensuring they’re in the correct location.

We can save you even more time and money by supplying hinges with your order.

Why Should You Order Concealed Cabinet Door Hinges?

When you order new cabinet doors for your space, it’s often a good idea to order new hinges for your cabinet doors as well. If your doors are out of date or worn out, chances are your hinges are too.

Additionally, older hardware might not work functionally or aesthetically well with your brand-new doors. So why not replace them with top-quality, modern, soft-close concealed hinges?

Blum Soft-Close Hinges are ideal for installation by professionals and homeowners alike because these hinges don’t require tools or screws. The hinge is simply placed in the hinge pocket and aligned. The expansion mechanism expands inside the door to lock the hinge securely into the hinge pocket.

Typically, two hinges are used per cabinet door, though larger cabinet doors may require three concealed hinges. Any cabinet door over 48″ tall may have a third hinge pocket bored in the door center point, as three hinges are recommended for doors over 48″ in height.

To mount the door onto your cabinets, you’ll use one mounting plate per hinge used on your cabinet door. These mounting plates, included with your hinges, can be installed using the provided screws to attach the mounting plates to your cabinet face frame.

An adapter plate can be provided for face-frame cabinets with a 1/2″ overlay. Once your cabinet doors are installed, you can enjoy the soft-close function of the Blum concealed hinges.

You won’t ever have to worry about family members slamming cabinet doors or getting frustrated by doors that won’t close properly again. Instead, these hinges will catch the door as it closes to bring it slowly and softly into contact with the cabinet frame face. Makes Installing Concealed Cabinet Hinges as Easy as Possible

To make your life easier and ensure that the hinge pocket is properly aligned, will bore the hinge pockets in your cabinet doors for you.

For a small fee, your cabinet doors will arrive at your front door ready for your hinges and installation on your cabinets. We can also supply you with the precise number of top quality, American-made Blum Soft-close Hinges you need and include them with your order.

Once your cabinet doors arrive, you can install them easily and enjoy the silence of soft-close hinges. You’ll also be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with concealed hinges that extend the life of your cabinet doors by keeping them from banging against the cabinet frame.

Unlike other hidden door hinge types, these Blum concealed hinges open and close easily without requiring significant force or leaving a gap once closed.

Order Concealed Hinges From Today

Blum concealed hinges are a high-quality product; these concealed door hinge types aren’t available everywhere. When you order Blum concealed hinges from, you can be sure you’re getting the real thing and have them delivered right to you along with your doors.

Even better, because you can have us bore the hinge cups for you, you’ll be certain that the hinges will fit your doors correctly for secure installation. On top of that, when you order directly from us, you’ll save money on the cost of your concealed hinges.

These hinges are now used by most high-end cabinet makers across the country. This is because concealed hinge types are easier on your cabinets and cabinet doors and make for a sleeker look. Because the concealed cabinet hinges aren’t visible from the outside like overlay hinges, they create a more modern look. Rather than focusing on overlay hinges, concealed hinges will let the cabinet doors speak for themselves.

To see the pricing for individual hinges and get more information about installing Blum concealed hinges and aligning your cabinet doors, head over to the order page for our concealed door hinges. In addition, the hinge boring and/or the hinge purchase options can be selected from the drop-down menus on the door order page for each door style.

When selected, the hinge boring charge and/or the hinge purchase charge will automatically be applied to the price of the door being ordered, and the itemized charge will show on your shopping cart. If you order hinge boring, your doors will have 35mm holes bored 3.5 inches from the bottom and top of the door. Blum Products:

  • Blum Inserta Clip-Top 120-degree all-metal, nickel-plated hinge (Blum part #71T5590B)
  • The Blum Face-frame adapter (Blum part #175L6030.2) - requires #7 x 3/4″ wood screws (not supplied)

Get a custom look at a phenomenal price by ordering your cabinet doors to your specifications from today. Choose the size, wood species, and finish you want, and then let us take the guesswork out of boring the hinge pockets. Add hinge boring and soft-close Blum concealed hinges to your order, and you'll be ready for installation when your order arrives at your front door. Explore our hinge collection today!

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