How To Identify High-Quality Red Oak Wood

May 12th 2021

When it comes to choosing oak for your kitchen cabinets, it’s helpful to know a bit about the different types of oak. There are two types of oak: white oak and red oak. However, they are typically used for very different purposes because of the characteristics of the wood.

White oak is often used for boats, flooring, furniture, and even whiskey barrels because of its closed grain. The closed grain makes it more resistant to moisture, but it also makes it tricky to stain and finish evenly. Red oak, on the other hand, is one of the most popular woods for cabinets because of its consistent color and grain qualities. Because it is an open grained wood, red oak tends to take dark stain beautifully, while white oak’s closed grain makes it take stain unevenly. As such, red oak is a reliable, durable, and beautiful wood when used for cabinet doors.

However, not all types of red oaks are equally beautiful. There are many varieties within the red oak family depending on where the red oak tree is grown. This discussion is limited to those red oak varieties more commonly used in the manufacture of cabinet doors.

Types of Red Oak by Region

Red oak is divided into three main growing regions, Southern, Appalachian, and Northern. Each of these regions can be further subdivided based on the color and quality of the red oak tree that grows within the sub-regions.

As a broad overview, oak from the southern regions has a faster growth rate and tends to have the widest color range of the regions. Oak from the Appalachian regions grows slower than the southern oaks with a color range somewhat more consistent than the southern oaks.

The northern oaks are generally considered to be the highest quality. The northern red oak trees have a shorter growing season and therefore have a slower growth rate. This means there is less moisture in the wood, making it stronger and less grainy. The color of northern red oak is also much more consistent.

It is worth noting that the mill prices for this high-quality northern red oak are typically higher than that of the Appalachian or southern red oaks. However the most attractive cabinet doors and furniture are made from the most attractive wood, not the cheapest wood. In the case of red oak, you absolutely get what you pay for.

The Best Red Oak Wood for Cabinet Doors 

The best of the best when it comes to red oak is a subgroup of the northern oaks which grows in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Red oaks from this region are commonly referred to as glacial northern red oak. The growth rings tend to be very tight indicating the very slow growth rate, and the color consistency is exceptional. Glacial northern red oak is typically a light wheat color.

Most mills can supply limited quantities of wheat-colored red oak by performing a color sort, but the wide color spectrum of red oak from the Appalachian and Southern regions makes color sorting labor intensive. However, red oak sorts from the glacial sub-region of northern oak are easy as the majority of those oaks are naturally a light wheat color, so the pricing of this red oak wood tends to reflect the grading rules more than the color sort labor constraints.

Why Northern Red Oak is Often Used for High-Quality Cabinets

Northern red oak features a more uniform color and a finer texture that makes it easier to work with for a variety of purposes. As such, northern red oak is often preferred over southern red oak for making cabinets. This is particularly true for craftsmen and custom cabinet makers.

Cabinets used in higher-end housing tend to be made by local custom cabinet shops, while cabinets used in more affordable housing are more likely to be modular cabinets made overseas using the lower cost southern oaks. Those custom cabinet shops that supply custom home builders are expected to supply a product that is noticeably superior to the modular cabinets, and part of that superior requirement applies to a very uniform and consistent color in the red oak doors.

Northern red oak is able to provide that consistency in color and texture, which is why uses glacial northern red oak in every one of the red oak doors we make. Not only is a high-quality product, but this glacial northern red oak produces consistently excellent results for beautiful cabinet doors.

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