Types of Cabinet Doors: 10 Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Posted by Donovan Thornhill on Mar 16th 2023

Common Cabinet Doors & Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing new cabinet doors is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for yet. There are so many different styles of cabinet doors, you might not know how to narrow down your choices. However, if you are searching for different types of cabinet doors, can help! We have options that are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other rooms in your home. Regardless of where you’ll be installing your new cabinet doors, the following will provide an overview of the various styles and types available. That way, you can make the right choice for your space.

Common Door Shapes and Styles:

The two most common cabinet door shapes are square and arched, they are available with center panels that are either Inset or raised. And can be made for glass inserts. Each style has different aesthetic benefits and may be preferred for different reasons. Let’s take a look at how each panel design is different. 

Square Inset

Square Inset Cabinet Door

Cabinet doors with a flat or recessed panel feature a center panel that is seated a little lower than the frame of the door. These types of cabinet styles are often more simple and contemporary in design. If you’re looking for simple and modern cabinet door styles, Inset Panel Cabinet Doors also known as Recessed Panel, are ideal for this design aesthetic.

Square Raised

Square Raised Cabinet Door

Cabinet doors with a raised panel have a center panel which is raised to about the same height as the frame. These doors are often more ornate and can be made with contoured edges to provide a distinctive appearance and style. Raised Panel Cabinet Doors are generally used for more traditional design aesthetics.

Arched Cabinet Doors

Arched Cabinet Door Arched Cabinet Door Arched Cabinet Door

An Arched Cabinet Door will have a raised or recessed panel featuring a curve located on the top portion of the panel and frame. A double arched door style will have the curve in the bottom rail as well as the top. The curve can be subtle or more dramatic, depending on the particular style. Arched Cabinet Doors can also be matched with a coordinating style of door without the arch for a look that brings both height and interest to your room. Arched doors are available in inset (recessed)raised panel, and glass ready.

Beaded and V-Groove Panels

Beaded and V-Groove Panels Beaded and V-Groove Panels

The different types of kitchen cabinet doors options allow you to personalize your panel designs in a variety of ways, including using beaded or V-groove panel inserts. The example’s you see above of a beaded, and a V-Groove panel door. These panel options provide visual interest and offer a detail that naturally evokes the appearance of fine craftsmanship.

Center Stile

Center Stile

Adding a Center style to your doors gives a very unique esthetic. Keep in mind though if you're wanting a center stile with a raised panel then there will be some size limitations.

Glass Ready Cabinet Doors

         Open For Glass                       4 French Lites                        6 French Lites

Open for Glass Ready Cabinet Doors 4 French Lite Glass Cabinet Door 6 French Lite Cabinet Door

Glass-Ready Cabinet Doors feature a wood frame that is routed in the back to accept glass. Some glass cabinet doors are available with decorative mullions over the glass panel, which give the appearance of multiple smaller panes of glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of cabinet doors?

Cabinet doors come in a variety of types. Typically, the styles differ in the design of the frame, which can be arched, square, or decorative, and the middle panel, which can be raised, recessed or flat. Different types of cabinet doors include square inset, square raised, glass-ready, decorative panel, arched, and more.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet door?

Shaker cabinet doors are a classic style that is still widely popular today. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are simple in design and feature just a flat center panel and an overlay around the edge. The shaker design uses little detailing or intricate decorative effects, which makes them versatile for any space.

What are the two most common types of cabinet doors?

The two most common types of cabinet doors are square and arched, including a center panel and an overlay. Both arched and square doors can use either a raised or inset panel depending on the preferred style. These designs each offer their own unique appearance and can be used in different types of doors, like those with glass inserts.

Which type of door is best for the kitchen?

Almost any type of cabinet door can work well for your kitchen. Because a kitchen is a busy environment, you should choose a door made from a durable type of wood, like maple, and consider a style that is easy to clean, like a square pane style. Ultimately, though, the best type of door for the kitchen is one in the style and appearance you prefer most.

Where to buy kitchen cabinet doors?

You can buy standard kitchen cabinet doors at a hardware store, but the best option for buying kitchen cabinet doors that meet your needs and preferences is from a custom door manufacturer. offers over a dozen different styles and types of cabinet doors. You can order doors that are custom-built to your preference and measurements and have them delivered directly to your front door.

Get Wholesale Cabinet Doors Online

Creating a custom look in your home starts with choosing cabinet doors in styles that reflect the design inspiration you love. From there, you can continue to create a look you’ll love by choosing a wood species, finish, color, and any hardware you might need to make the design your own. We make this customizing process even easier.

At, we offer all types of cabinet doors so you can choose the style that works best for your design aesthetic and your space. Our wide variety of styles is available to you at wholesale prices, so you can get our high quality products at a great price. Once you order your cabinet doors, we’ll ensure they’re made to your exact specifications in our factory, and then they’ll be shipped directly to your door. You won’t have to bother with the middleman or pay big box store prices, saving you time and money.

Ready to explore the types of kitchen cabinet doors you can choose from? Shop online and explore our selection to get inspired or choose your perfect cabinet door style. Start with our most popular styles, or search by your favorite type. You can also get in touch with us to get answers to any questions or to order your custom cabinet doors. Find out how we can help you get new cabinet door styles to transform your space. When it comes to cabinet doors in all kinds of styles, always delivers. 

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