Kitchen Renovation Ideas - Big Impact on a Small Budget

Oct 21st 2020

A successful kitchen renovation comes down to one thing: balancing your ambition with your budget. Coming up with a long list of kitchen renovation ideas is easy. Shortening that list to what’s practical and affordable is a lot harder.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to choose between a small kitchen renovation or a massive kitchen renovation cost. Instead, you need to learn how to renovate a kitchen in ways that look and feel substantial without costing a ton of money. These ideas will work in any kitchen:

Install New Countertops

Your countertops play a huge role in the design of a kitchen, not to mention the fact that you rely on them for all your cooking prep. If your current countertops look outdated, worn out, or simply don’t work in the space, you can install new ones for less than you think. This is also a great way to add some value and visual appeal to a home that you plan to sell soon.

Add Storage

Clutter makes a kitchen harder to use and harder to appreciate from a design perspective. Start by getting rid of anything you don’t want or need. Organize what remains so that it fits into your current options for storage, and install additional storage as necessary. The best kitchen remodel ideas come after decluttering a space because you can fully appreciate what works and what doesn’t.

Create a Feature Wall

Maybe the only thing missing from your kitchen is a focal point. Consider creating a feature wall that’s painted a bold color, features loud wallpaper, or has attention-grabbing art on it. This can be a fun and creative weekend project that gives your kitchen one-of-a-kind appeal. If you use wallpaper, pick one that can withstand the heat and humidity of the kitchen.,

Swap the Sink

A nice, new sink costs just a few hundred dollars, yet it upgrades your kitchen in ways you don’t expect. You can add new style to the kitchen while also making it easier to store dirty dishes and get those dishes clean. You spend A LOT of time at the kitchen sink, so why not install one you actually like?

Replace Cabinet Doors

Replacing just the cabinet doors costs a fraction of what it costs to replace the whole cabinets. You can also install the replacements without experience or expertise, sparing you the cost of a contractor. Best of all, new cabinet doors transform a kitchen, making the whole thing look new when only one element has changed. Designers and home renovation experts regularly cite this as one of the top kitchen renovation ideas because it’s low cost and high impact.

Upgrade Your Hinges

Most kitchen remodel ideas focus on the way a space looks or functions - but what about how it sounds? With soft-close hinges, your kitchen cabinet doors never bang shut no matter how hard they’re closed. These hinges feature into many modern kitchen renovations because they make a kitchen feel more peaceful, especially with little kids prone to banging doors.

Pick a New Appliance

One or two new appliances in your kitchen won’t bust your budget. What it will do is make cooking and storing food more pleasant, which is the purpose of the kitchen in the first place. Figure out your budget, and explore whether you could buy something with nicer features or extra space. Consider the style as well - the right appliance improves and complements the look of everything else.

Improve the Lighting

Insufficient lighting can make a kitchen feel dark, small, and dingy. But too much light can be a problem, too. Make a space feel bigger and brighter by installing LED lights in corners and crannies that are currently filled with shadows. Installing a stylish new light fixture is another affordable kitchen renovation idea. If you have too much light, window treatments like bamboo shades are inexpensive and help to block out some but not all the natural light in the kitchen.

Build an Island or Bar

If space allows, build (or purchase a pre-made) kitchen island or bar area. Either option adds something stylish to the space, especially if you opt for something with a bright color or bold design. Better yet, you gain a lot of functional space in terms of both storage and work areas when your kitchen has a new island or bar.

Paint Something

A fresh coat of paint makes any space (and everything inside) look better. You might want to paint the walls, the cabinet doors, the trim, the ceilings, or any other aspect of the kitchen. The right color in the right location can make an old space feel entirely new. Paint is also inexpensive and an easy DIY project. Consider painting at least part of your space in addition to one of the other projects on this list.

The Door Stop - Endless Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If cabinet doors factor into your kitchen remodel ideas, The Door Stop is here to help. We have a massive selection of replacement cabinet doors, each custom-built to the exact size you specify. That means they fit your existing cabinets perfectly. It’s easier than you think to replace just your cabinet doors, and you will be amazed by how much it transforms your kitchen for the better. Explore some of our most popular styles, and contact us at 800-342-1010 if you have any questions. 

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