Tired of Slamming Doors? Try Soft-Close Hinges!

Aug 13th 2019

Sometimes the smallest things become the biggest annoyances. Cabinet doors slamming closed is a great example. It’s not a huge disturbance, but when it happens over and over, day after day, it can start to drive you up the wall – we have all been there. Fortunately, this daily headache has a simple solution: soft-close hinges! They are easy, economical, and highly-effective. If you’re ready to turn slamming into silence, read on.

What’s So Bad About Slamming Doors?

Everyone slams cabinet doors (accidentally or on purpose) sometimes and no one enjoys the experience. It makes people jump out of their seats and sends a little disruption through the whole home. If you have kids in the house you’re probably very familiar with this problem. Some kids seem to slam doors shut more often than not, and for mom and dad it can be an ongoing irritation. Beyond frayed nerves, slamming cabinet doors is bad for both the door and the cabinet. Repetitive or forceful slamming can cause wood to warp, bend, or break. Wood also starts to show signs of age prematurely when it’s always being knocked around. If you have glass fronted doors it’s even possible to break the glass with the wrong slam. Add all these reasons up and it’s obvious why you should never slam cabinet doors. Unfortunately, changing your behavior (or your kid’s) isn’t easy. That’s where soft-close hinges come in.

What Are Soft-Close Hinges?

Traditional hinges let the door swing freely, so when you put in too much force the door slams closed. Soft-close hinges contain a mechanism that “catches” the door in the middle of swinging shut and then continues to close it at a slow, controlled rate. It doesn’t matter how hard you close the door either. The hinge will catch the door and glide it into a closed position without making any noise or causing any damage. For all intents and purposes, doors with soft-close hinges are impossible to slam.

Why Choose Soft-Close Hinges?

Putting an end to slamming is appealing, but is it really worth it to swap out the hinges in all your kitchen, bathroom, or office cabinets? The answer is probably yes when you consider all the other advantages of having soft-close hinges:

  • Keep Everyone Safe – Fingers can easily get trapped in slamming cabinet doors. When the doors close slowly there is plenty of time to remove your fingers, and even if you don’t there would be no pain. Better hinges can prevent a common household accident, especially in houses with kids.
  • Extend the Life of Cabinets – Your cabinets will look great and perform perfectly for a lot longer once the doors stop slamming. When people get new cabinets or replacement cabinet doors they often choose soft-close hinges to help their investment look great for longer.
  • Increase Your Home Value – Premium hinges are attractive to home buyers for the same reasons they’re attractive to you. They’re also considered a high-end finish that elevates the quality of any kitchen or bathroom. Realistically, cabinet door hinges won’t add a ton of value to your home, but they will make the space seem even nicer.
  • No More Gaps – Soft-close hinges ensure your doors close silently as well as completely. If your cabinet doors don’t sit flush with the face of the cabinet, it’s probably because of the hinges. Better ones will pull the door all the way shut automatically, closing the gap and restoring the proper look of your cabinets.

The Easy Way to Upgrade Your Hinges

Installing soft-close hinges yourself is fairly easy and takes minimal equipment. That being said, if slamming doors has been a problem in your home you may want to inspect the doors for any signs of damage. And regardless of whether the doors absolutely need to be replaced, it’s worth imagining how your kitchen could look with different cabinet doors installed.

These considerations are important because the easiest way to upgrade your hinges is to replace the doors as well. Custom-cut doors will fit your old cabinets perfectly, and since the doors are the most visible element, replacing them makes the whole cabinet look new. You can also order your replacement doors with soft-closed hinges, they’ll be pre bored, and ready to install. Once the doors are delivered, you simply need to put the hinges into the pre-drilled holes and hang the doors. Afterwards, your space looks amazing and the doors perform better than ever. It’s a true win-win.

The Door Stop offers an extensive selection of custom cabinet doors in different styles, wood species, and finish options. If you so choose, any of our doors can be drilled with hinge holes. We also sell premium soft-close hinges that perfectly fit those holes. If you’re excited to stop the slamming and update your cabinet doors at the same time, The Door Stop has everything you need.

Are you ready to order? Visit our how to order page to get started. Want to see more? Explore our site to discover all that we can offer. If you have any questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

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