Shaker Painted Cabinet Door

Shaker Painted Cabinet Door Specs

  • Product ID: 948 Pt
  • Minimum width 6” Maximum width 48”
  • Minimum height 5 5/8” Maximum height 60”
  • There is no warranty on doors over 24” wide or 60” tall
  • Stiles & Rails are 2 1/4” wide
  • Doors over 50” tall will have a center rail
  • Pictured in High Reflective White

Our Shaker cabinet door is built with a cope and stick joint. Never out of style the Shaker door is known for its simplicity of design and its versatility. It is an icon in the world of cabinet doors.

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the Shaker family of doors and drawer fronts.

The clean lines and subtle style of shaker doors makes them an ideal addition to any space where you have cabinets - kitchen, bathrooms, offices, mud rooms, or retail spaces. You can be sure that shaker doors will tastefully complement the existing design and never go out of style.

This door is available in several pre-painted Sherwin-Williams Conversion Varnish colors. After custom building the doors to the exact dimensions you specify, we send them out to our professional painter who applies a factory spray finish that's smooth as glass every time!

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the Shaker family of doors and drawer fronts.

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painted shaker doors

Posted by frank nuciforo on Aug 26th 2021

Well packaged, flawless finish and a perfect fit. I couldnt be happier.

Shaker Cabinet doors in High Reflective White

Posted by Amy S. on Aug 1st 2021

I am very happy with the doors and would definitely order from you again.

White Painted Shaker Doors

Posted by James G. on Jul 1st 2021

I wanted to redo our kitchen cabinets and being a DIY person, I stated to look for custom made doors and drawer fronts. I searched internet and found you, I called first before ordering and got excellent responses which secured my trust in ordering online.

White Shaker Doors

Posted by Drew M. on Jul 1st 2021

I found your company via internet search. You were the only company I found that provided enough information on your products for me to feel comfortable making an order. You were personally very helpful to me and made the ordering process very easy. The painted doors that I ordered came out great.

White Shaker Doors

Posted by Joe V. on Jun 24th 2021

I replaced all of my old wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts with White Shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts. I found your company while searching the internet. Upon ordering, I found the painted white shaker doors and drawers to be of excellent quality and they made quite a change to our kitchen’s appearance. My wife and I are very happy customers.

White Shaker Doors

Posted by John B. on Jun 24th 2021

I heard about you from the carpenter who is remodeling several rooms in our house, currently the master bath. The order process was easy and straight forward. I was pleased to see all the different door styles you offered and glad to find an edge style that was nearly a perfect match for the cabinets we bought separately. We ordered the doors painted white. The finish on all the doors was perfect. Very well done, very pleased with your company, your reps and your products, and would recommend you to others.

White Shaker Doors

Posted by Rob W. Amature woodworker and gifted sawdust creator on Jun 24th 2021

Everything was great! I found your company through Google and boy am I glad. The ordering process could not have been easier and thank you to the website for reminding me on what gaps to leave and which critical dimensions I needed to double check.  I also really appreciated the al carte feature that let me choose to have the hinges pre bored and hardware matched to my doors, that made one less trip for me to the hardware store.  The doors arrived as promised and were made exactly as I requested and dont tell my wife but were made as well as or better than I could have done myself.  Boy, what a labor saver for me because I could concentrate on the rest of the cabinetry knowing the doors were going to be done as if I were building them myself. My order was for 4 shaker doors for the two base cabinets I was making for our daughters house in Utah. She was thrilled when she finally got to see the cabinets/doors/bookcases installed in her home. Thanks for making me and our daughter very happy!

Light French Gray Shaker doors

Posted by Mike G. on Jun 24th 2021

We ordered Shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts painted in the light french gray, and we love the nice smooth finish! we’re very happy with the doors, it made a huge difference to our kitchen.

Shaker Doors in Antique White

Posted by Bob J. on Jun 24th 2021

The finish was perfect, above my expectations.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you folks and your product is 10 on a scale of 1-10!

Important: Your cabinet doors will be made to the exact size you order.

Most doors are intended to overlay the cabinet opening, and must be larger than the opening they cover.

If you want the door to be larger than the cabinet opening, you must increase the size of the door by adding the overlay amount to the opening size.

The most common overlay is one-half inch.

To order doors that overlay the opening by one-half inch on left, right, top, and bottom, you add 1-inch to width and height.

Watch the video below for detailed instruction!

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