Shaker Painted Cabinet Door

Shaker Painted Cabinet Door Specs

  • Product ID: 948 Pt
  • Minimum width 6” Maximum width 48”
  • Minimum height 5 5/8” Maximum height 60”
  • There is no warranty on doors over 24” wide or 60” tall
  • Stiles & Rails are 2 1/4” wide
  • Doors over 50” tall will have a center rail
  • Pictured in High Reflective White

Our Shaker cabinet door is built with a cope and stick joint. Never out of style the Shaker door is known for its simplicity of design and its versatility. It is an icon in the world of cabinet doors.

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the Shaker family of doors and drawer fronts.

The clean lines and subtle style of shaker doors makes them an ideal addition to any space where you have cabinets - kitchen, bathrooms, offices, mud rooms, or retail spaces. You can be sure that shaker doors will tastefully complement the existing design and never go out of style.

This door is available in several pre-painted Sherwin-Williams Conversion Varnish colors. After custom building the doors to the exact dimensions you specify, we send them out to our professional painter who applies a factory spray finish that's smooth as glass every time!

Scroll down the page to view pictures of the Shaker family of doors and drawer fronts.

Important: Your cabinet doors will be made to the exact size you order.

Most doors are intended to overlay the cabinet opening, and must be larger than the opening they cover.

If you want the door to be larger than the cabinet opening, you must increase the size of the door by adding the overlay amount to the opening size.

The most common overlay is one-half inch.

To order doors that overlay the opening by one-half inch on left, right, top, and bottom, you add 1-inch to width and height.

Watch the video below for detailed instruction!

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