Slab Drawer Front

Slab Drawer Front Specs

  • Product ID: SLDF
  • Minimum width 4” Maximum width 40”
  • Minimum height 2” Maximum height 20”
  • There is no warranty on drawer fronts over 33” wide or 10” tall
  • Panel grain runs horizontal
  • The slab drawer front is shown in multiple wood types, finishes, and different edge options (hover over thumbnail pictures for more information).

Slab drawer fronts offer a blank canvas for design. They have a clean, simple, straightforward style that complements almost any other look, from classic and cozy to modern. Versatility makes slab drawer fronts an appropriate addition to any space in the home including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, rec rooms, and more. Whenever and wherever you need drawer fronts, don’t overlook the subtle but significant appeal of slab drawer fronts.

The default edge for slab drawer fronts is edge #2. If you are ordering the slab drawer front with doors, the outside edge of the drawer front will have the same outside edge as the doors.

If a different outside edge is preferred, you can request it in the "additional comments" box below. To see other outside edge option click here.


This drawer front is available in a variety of wood species. It can be ordered with "No Finish" or with a "Natural Clear Finish." If ordering paint-grade, you can choose unfinished or prefinished in several Sherwin Williams conversion varnish colors. Drawer fronts ordered as Paint-Grade, either unfinished or painted, will have paintable hardwood frames and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels.

If the slab drawer front is not for your project, click here to see several more drawer front options.

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