Slab Drawer Front

Slab Drawer Front Specs

  • Product ID: SLDF
  • Minimum width 4” Maximum width 40”
  • Minimum height 2” Maximum height 20”
  • There is no warranty on drawer fronts over 33” wide or 10” tall
  • Panel grain runs horizontal
  • The slab drawer front is shown in multiple wood types, finishes, and different edge options (hover over thumbnail pictures for more information).

Slab drawer fronts offer a blank canvas for design. They have a clean, simple, straightforward style that complements almost any other look, from classic and cozy to modern. Versatility makes slab drawer fronts an appropriate addition to any space in the home including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, rec rooms, and more. Whenever and wherever you need drawer fronts, don’t overlook the subtle but significant appeal of slab drawer fronts.

The default edge for slab drawer fronts is edge #2 unless you are ordering them with doors, then the outside edge of the drawer front will have the same outside edge as the doors.

If you want a different outside edge you must enter it in the "additional comments" box below. To see other outside edge option click here.


This drawer front is available in a variety of wood species. It can be ordered with "No Finish" or with a "Natural Clear Finish." If ordering paint-grade, you can choose unfinished or prefinished in several Sherwin Williams conversion varnish colors. Drawer fronts ordered as Paint-Grade, either unfinished or painted, will have paintable hardwood frames and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels.

If the slab drawer front is not for your project, click here to see several more drawer front options.

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Customer service

Posted by Taun on Apr 20th 2022

I’m not sure I knew exactly what I was doing when I order these cabinet doors but Julie emailed me clarify everything. She was so helpful and patient emailing back and forth to match as closely as possible. I am so appreciative of Julie because they look nearly identical to my other cabinet doors!

Gorgeous high quality!!!

Posted by Therese Toben on Apr 4th 2022

I’d buy these all over again!

Slab drawer fronts in Oak

Posted by Daniel R on Jul 1st 2021

 Not only were you professional, but it was way less expensive than I thought. Ordering was easy, this site is fully featured for small jobs like mine, but easily scales for bigger jobs, too. Very cool!

Paint Grade Slab Drawer Fronts

Posted by Richard C. on Jul 1st 2021

Ordering was easy. Instructions on measurement were clear. Online order process was smooth.

White Slab Drawer Fronts

Posted by Jim K. on Jul 1st 2021

I first found you by surfing the internet. Your helpful videos regarding measuring and installation gave me the confidence to submit my first order. I was thrilled with the product and following your video instructions the installation was a breeze.
Your customer service has been very professional and knowledgeable. I am expecting my second order to arrive any day now and I am in the process of measuring the kitchen for my third order. I have recommended you to friends and family
because of the confidence I have in your organization and the product you produce.

Painted Light French Gray

Posted by Jay S. on Jul 1st 2021

Door quality is beautiful. 

Slab drawer fronts painted white

Posted by James K. on Jul 1st 2021

The product was beautiful, and the project came out so very, very well. I was quoted $30,035.00 by a local, well respected cabinet shop to do the project. I completed the entire kitchen, laundry room and linen cabinet for only $7,500, plus about 50 hours labor on my part.

Slab Drawer Fronts in Oak

Posted by Scott B. on Jul 1st 2021

I love the doors you sent us, finely sanded, good, solid wood. I found you all by searching for unfinished doors on google. The main brand stores didn’t offer any unfinished products, and since we are DIY, we wanted to save money as much as possible, plus we already picked out our own stain and varnish. ordering was easy and straightforward, Thank you again!

Slab Drawer Fronts

Posted by Mike P. on Jun 24th 2021

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts I ordered from you came out perfect. They were all made to the exact size that I ordered. I found your company by Googling for cabinet doors. I was glad to find a company that would make doors to any size as the cabinets I built for them were not standard sizes. I also wanted the profiles to match as close as possible to existing cabinets in our kitchen, and it was great that you had a variety of options to pick from. I was able to find ones that were really close to our existing doors. I purchased unfinished doors as I wanted to match the trim color in our house. Your customer service dept. was very helpful answering all my questions and everything was delivered in a timely manner and well packaged to minimize damage.  I will definitely pass your company name onto others and order from you again in the future. Thanks again!    

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