MDF Cabinet Doors

MDF Cabinet Doors


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What Is MDF?

The core of these doors is comprised of MDF (also known as medium-density fiberboard). It has widely become one of the most popular composite materials in recent years. Because MDF is smooth and free of knots and grain patterns, and consistently very dense, it makes an exceptional alternative for solid wood in many uses.

MDF is also the perfect choice for painting because there is no woodgrain showing through, and produces a very smooth finish when sprayed. MDF is made up of a resin binder and scrap wood particles, these particles are separated uniformly to make a fine, consistent material that is cooked and pressure steamed. The material is then bound with an adhesive and heat pressed to produce a strong and solid board. MDF has many of the same characteristics of natural wood, but without many of its limitations. As a result of MDF's consistent composition, machining these materials with the right tools usually results in sharp, clean edges, without burring or chipping. Because MDF is denser than most conventional woods, we use only the highest quality tools for trimming and cutting. MDF also can be glued, and can hold screws as well as some of the natural woods, as long as holes are pre-drilled to accept the screws.


A Brief History of MDF

MDF as we know it was invented in the 1960s, but it’s a variation on an idea first pioneered by an industrious individual named William Mason in 1925. For most of history, woodworkers have looked for a way to repurpose the sawdust and wood scraps left from their production processes. Mason originally attempted to turn these materials into a form of insulation with mixed results. However, one evening he forgot to turn off the industrial press he used to condense the wood byproducts, accidentally allowing it to compress one sheet all night long. When Mason discovered his mistake the next morning, he also found a sheet with surprising strength and attractive functional properties. This led to the birth of “masonite,” which went through years of steady refinement and improvement to become the product we now know as MDF.


MDF VS Solid Wood

More often than not, MDF outperforms solid wood in the construction of painted cabinet doors. The more traditional frame and panel method for building solid wood doors consists of connecting five separate pieces: the four frame pieces and a center panel cut marginally smaller than the frame because of the need to float (contraction and expansion).

The woods typically used by professionals on their paint-grade cabinet doors are the tighter-grained woods like Poplar, Soft Maple, Alder, Pine, Birch, Hard Maple, and MDF. The woods we offer can be seen here. 


Applications Of MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a man-made engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. MDF is used as the primary panel in all of our Recessed Panel Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors, and is used as the Raised Panel in some of our Raised Panel doors.

MDF takes paint well and it is a good idea to coat all sides of the finished piece in order to seal in the urea-formaldehyde. Formaldehyde resins are most commonly used to bind MDF together, and testing has consistently revealed that it is the best resin to use.

MDF products emit urea-formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds that pose health risks at sufficient concentrations, for at least several months after manufacturing.

Most furniture and cabinet manufacturers have been utilizing MDF for several decades. The risk of Formaldehyde resin emissions when the products are painted is considered negligible.


Different Styles of MDF Cabinet Doors

Keep in mind that cabinet door producers use MDF for cabinet door panels because of its functional properties. One of those properties is that MDF offers endless options in terms of style. That means you can find low-cost, high-performance doors in a wide range of looks, from classic to contemporary. MDF panels with glass included are another option to consider, and when you pair any door with blum hinges it feels like a premium product. The point is that choosing MDF should feel liberating, not limiting. Rest assured that you can find a style that suits your tastes and complements your space. 
MDF Cabinet Doors Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of MDF cabinet doors include:


Pros of MDF Cabinet Doors

  • Doesn't crack or warp
  • Expands & contractors
  • Stands up to humidity and temperature
  • No noticeable grain
  • Smoother finish
  • Better than solid wood
  • Easier to customize
  • MDF is recommended for cabinet doors
  • Variety of styles
  • Can be drilled and cut without any damage
  • Cheaper than solid wood

Cons of MDF Cabinet Doors

  • Get scratched easily
  • Cannot repair scratches
  • Core materials can become damaged due to extreme heat
  • Not a good material for outdoor use
  • Not as strong as playwood or solid wood
  • Fine particles MDF is made with is not good for holding screws, holes have to be pre drilled to accept the screws.
  • Contains VOC's
  • Has been known to swell when damaged by water, which is why we use a hard wood for the frames.


Where to Use MDF Cabinet Doors

MDF cabinet door panels look, feel, and perform just like panels made of naturally-harvested hardwood. In many cases, they even improve on panels made from ordinary wood. Therefore, you can feel confident putting custom MDF cabinet doors in any part of your home. Here are some popular options:
  • Kitchen - Replace your existing kitchen cabinet doors to rejuvenate the space without going through a whole renovation. 
  • Bathroom - Install cabinet doors that can stand up to the steamy atmosphere inside your bathroom, as long as it’s sealed properly and quickly.
  • Office - Put in strong and stylish doors that will suit your office well for years and years to come. 
  • Rec Room - Use MDF materials that offer the durability and functionality you need in a space that sees a lot of use and abuse. 
  • Mud Room - Protect your doors from moisture and mud by using MDF panels that will not damage as quickly or severely as wood will. 
  • Laundry Room - Give your laundry room more storage and more style by hanging MDF panel doors on the new or existing cabinets. 
  • Commercial Space - Upgrade the ambiance inside a commercial space without having to make a major investment in replacement cabinet doors.



Unfinished MDF Cabinet Doors


When you order MDF cabinet doors from The Door Stop, you can choose to have them finished, meaning they come with paint already applied, or unfinished (known as “paint-ready”) meaning the doors are ready for you to finish yourself. Both options are worth considering, but for certain homeowners, designers, and contractors there’s no better choice than paint-ready MDF cabinet doors. That’s because they can paint the doors in any color they like. You get all the advantages of MDF cabinet doors. Plus, you get to choose the finish color from the thousands of options available to you. Don’t settle for the limited number of colors and designs offered in the big box stores. Instead, go with an option you finish yourself and use that as the basis for whatever design you dream up. 



Finishing MDF Cabinet Doors


If you do order paint-grade cabinet doors, make sure you understand the finish options available to you. MDF cabinet doors excel at turning paint into a smooth, stunning finish. People who plan to paint their doors often seek out MDF materials specifically because they deliver a professional-quality finish without needing tons of time and skill. However, MDF does not stain at all, both because the manufactured MDF has no grain and also because it’s not especially absorbent. If stain is what you want, consider real wood for your doors. 



Finding MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Sale


As we noted earlier, MDF has properties that make it ideal as material for cabinet doors. As a result, you can find MDF cabinet doors almost anywhere that sells doors, from the big box stores to the custom cabinet fabricators in your area. With so many outlets to choose from, how do you decide where to purchase MDF doors? The same way you decide where to purchase anything - by looking for the most convenient and cost-effective option available to you. That’s why many people choose to order custom MDF cabinet doors from an online retailer like The Door Stop. Compared to the alternatives, custom doors help you save time, money, and hassle while ensuring you get doors that fit perfectly and look exactly how you want. It couldn’t be easier, it’s surprisingly affordable, and the MDF cabinet doors you install are sure to transform the space. When you need to find MDF kitchen cabinet doors for sale, it’s clear where to look. - Your Source for Custom MDF Cabinet Doors

Homeowners, interior designers, and kitchen contractors rely on us to supply their custom-built cabinet doors because we offer everything they’re looking for and more:
  1. Since we cut out the middleman, our prices are lower than big box stores and local cabinet shops.
  2. We use high-quality MDF materials cut using advanced woodworking equipment for perfect precision.
  3. Most orders ship out from our location within just 7-10 business days of placing your order.
  4. We have received copious five-star customer ratings as well as recognition from the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Our commitment to quality cabinet doors and stellar customer service has been the secret to our success for over 30 years now.


Order MDF Cabinet Doors Online

Add a stylish touch to your home with MDF cabinet doors from The Door Stop. Our website has a photo of each of our doors and the price each door in any wood, is shown. Simply select the wood type, enter the width and height, and the price is instantly displayed. Click here to order MDF cabinet doors online. You can also purchase cheap MDF cabinet doors at our sister site 













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