The Benefits of Buying Pre-Primed Cabinet Doors

Oct 18th 2022

painting pre-primed cabinet doors

If you want custom-painted cabinet doors, and your ordering them unfinished, then you have to plan for priming and prepping the primer before applying your custom finish. Now, you can cut that time in half. is excited to now offer pre-primed cabinet doors. Learn more about what makes primed cabinet doors an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel or refresh.

How Our Primed Cabinet Doors Are Made

At, we use a careful process when priming to ensure they are perfect for painting once you receive them. To craft quality pre-primed cabinet doors, we carry out the following steps:

  • First, we build your custom door to meet your preferred style and size specifications, assembling the frame and center panel before adhering.
  • Once your door is assembled, we sand down any natural deformities in the wood grain to ensure a smooth surface.
  • Our professional painters will then apply a high-quality prime coat to all sides of the door. The prime coat will then be sanded smooth and ready for you to apply your own finish!
  • We perform a careful inspection to ensure each door meets our high standards before packaging and shipping them straight to your door.

How To Order Primed Cabinet Doors

As always, we strive to make your path to brand-new kitchen cabinet doors as simple as possible. Ordering primed kitchen cabinet doors from is easy. To get your primed cabinet doors, follow these steps:

  1. Explore our wide range of cabinet door styles.
  2. Select your preferred style of cabinet door from our expansive selection.
  3. Choose from our selection of wood types in the middle of the product page and select “Primed”.
  4. Measure the size of your cabinets following our instructions and enter the measurements.
  5. Order your cabinet doors and expect a quality product.

Finished cabinet doors can take around 40 days to ship to ensure quality. Be sure to check for updates from us after placing your order.

Benefits of Ordering Pre-Primed Cabinet Doors

Primed cabinet doors are excellent for anyone who loves a do-it-yourself challenge without the challenge—they are easy to work with and help you build the kitchen you dream of. Altogether, there are several reasons to order already-primed cabinet doors.

Peace of Mind

Even if you enjoy DIY projects, priming your cabinet doors with multiple coats can be a lengthy process. Although anyone can learn to prime cabinet doors, it can be a delicate process that takes a certain level of precision.

When you have us prime your cabinet doors for you, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or second-guessing the work done. We have over 40 years of experience crafting and finishing quality cabinet doors. Ordering pre-primed doors takes the stress out of the process and guarantees it will be done right.

A Look You Want

You don’t want to sacrifice your vision by choosing your cabinet door color from a drop-down menu; you want custom-painted cabinet doors to provide the ideal look. However, the priming and painting process can seem like an intimidating undertaking and turn you away from choosing a color you really want.

By letting us prime your cabinet doors, most of the process is already done by the time you get them. All you need to do is lightly sand the doors and apply your choice of paint. As a result, you get the best of both worlds—the color you want and a simple, straightforward process.

Saved Time and Money

Even when you are prepared to take priming and painting into your own hands so you can get the perfect color for your kitchen, you still have to block out a bunch of extra time to prepare them. Fortunately, ordering pre-primed cabinet doors makes the process easier, cutting the time it takes for you to paint your doors in half. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending money on an extra service, cans of primer, or extra trips to the hardware store.

Tips for Painting Your New Doors

Ordering pre-primed doors makes painting your custom cabinet doors so much easier, but there are a few tips you should keep in mind. As you prepare to jump into the painting process, make sure you do the following.

Sand Your Doors

Before you start painting your new cabinet doors, be prepared to spot sand the primer in grooves if needed for the best results. Sanding is crucial to guarantee that the paint will correctly bond with the primer.

Ensure an Even Coat

As you get ready to paint the doors, ensure a smooth and even coat. Natural grain raise is a common part of the priming process as the natural grain of the wood lifts up. If you notice any parts of the wood that are uneven with the rest, you should do another pass with sandpaper.

Once you start painting, take your time and apply the paint evenly across the surface of the door. If you notice any brush marks, pass over the area again with a little more paint to smooth it out before it dries.

Test Your Product

Before going all-in with your paint, make sure it will work with the door. Try applying a small amount of paint to a small portion of the door. If the paint does not seem to adhere to the primer correctly or smoothly, then you should do another light pass over the doors with the sandpaper.

Order Your Primed Door

Primed cabinet doors are an excellent choice to save time, money, and hassle while giving you the perfect color for your kitchen. is here to simplify your kitchen cabinet refresh process, and you can contact us with any questions. Explore our complete collection of styles and get one step closer to the perfect primed kitchen cabinets. Order your pre-primed custom cabinet doors from today. 

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