Cabinet Doors For an Industrial Kitchen Design

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Apr 12th 2024

Industrial kitchen designs are a trending aesthetic that combines modern and edgy elements. The style expert uses raw materials and textures to create an inviting, stylish, and functional space. Whether you want to add more personality to your modern kitchen or take advantage of the raw elements you have in your home, this is a great style to consider.

To ensure all of the elements in the space complement one another, you'll need to find the perfect set of industrial kitchen cabinet doors for your project.

Here's everything you need to know:

What is an Industrial Kitchen?

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Industrial design kitchens are known for their dark color palettes, heavy-duty appliances, and industrial-inspired artwork and light fixtures. They typically feature tons of raw materials like brick, concrete, wood, and wrought iron. These materials pair elegantly with neutral colors to create a functional and stylish space.

The industrial design has been a top choice for kitchens in recent years. It's both modern and aesthetically pleasing and is a great style to consider, especially if your kitchen already has exposed concrete or brick in the space.

What are the Key Design Elements for an Industrial Kitchen?

Industrial kitchen designs play with different elements to create a modern and trendy space. The elements complement one another to make the kitchen feel welcoming while remaining functional. Here's what you'll find in most industrial-design kitchens.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Many industrial kitchens have heavy-duty appliances typically made with stainless steel. Gunmetal grey and black are also great, depending on the color palette. If you're looking for a statement piece, you may consider a farmhouse sink or oversized copper kitchen sink.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are designed to make a space feel open and inviting. Many industrial-design kitchens feature wrought iron floating shelves or floating shelves made with reclaimed wood.

Bold Light Fixtures

Industrial kitchens feature bold light fixtures made with raw materials, eccentric shapes, or other industrial-inspired materials. Popular choices include industrial pendant lighting, wrought iron chandeliers, or barn-style hanging lights.

The Best Industrial Style Cabinet Doors

The industrial kitchen cabinet doors will play a key role in your kitchen design. When shopping for industrial-style kitchen cabinet doors, consider sticking with a simple style like shaker doors and keep the focus on choosing the best color palette for your kitchen.

Shaker cabinet doors lack ornate details and feature a simple, streamlined design. Choosing this style will ensure that the cabinet doors don't distract from the other industrial elements you have in the space.

Once you pick the cabinet door style, here are five different ideas for your industrial-style cabinet doors:

Rustic Metal Hardware

Pairing white, black, or grey cabinet doors with rustic metal hardware is a great way to add depth to the space and stay true to the industrial vibe. Satin champagne and nickel are both great options to consider. To stay true to the modern look of an industrial-design kitchen, consider simple round bar pulls and t-bar cabinet pulls.

All-White Cabinets Doors

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All-white cabinet doors can also be great for industrial-style cabinet doors. When paired with concrete, brick, or butcher block countertops, you'll invite the perfect amount of light and contrast into the space. Consider pairing it with a white decorative backsplash and matte black cabinet hardware.

Charcoal Shades Cabinet Doors

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Dark grey and charcoal shades can be a great choice to pair with muted wood textures, wrought iron lighting, or brick flooring. The darker color palette pairs well with lighter colors and still makes the space more open and inviting. Charcoal and grey are more suitable color choices than all-black, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

Black Cabinets

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All-black cabinets are the top choice for industrial-style kitchen cabinet doors. Black is moody and edgy and pairs elegantly with raw materials. Consider pairing the matte black cabinets with satin champagne kitchen hardware to get the complete industrial look.

A popular choice at CabinetDoors.com is Painted Tricorn Black. This Sherwin-Williams color is one of the truest black shades available. It's perfect for industrial kitchen cabinet doors and pairs well with lighter shades.

Dark Blue Cabinets

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Consider navy or a bold dark blue if you want to add a pop of color to your industrial-style kitchen cabinet doors. Blue is a great statement color that's both sophisticated and stylish. It pairs elegantly with gold and silver cabinet hardware and can also make the kitchen feel more visually appealing.

A great choice we have available at CabinetDoors.com is Painted in the Navy. It's a deep navy shade that pairs well with gold kitchen knobs and pulls and other raw materials.

Elevate Your Kitchen With CabinetDoors.com

At CabinetDoors.com, all our cabinet doors are custom-made and made to order. Once you find a style that will complement your kitchen, you can order your cabinet doors finished or unfinished.

We currently have around 12 different Sherwin-Williams paint colors to consider, including Painted in the Navy, Painted Tricorn Black, and Painted Folkstone. All three colors are great options for any industrial kitchen cabinet door. We also have high-end cabinet hardware to complete the look.

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