Looking Back on The Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2023

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Dec 6th 2023

Kitchen cabinet trends come in and go. Every year, new aesthetic choices, wood types, and color palettes gain popularity, paving the way for future trends in the years to come. Using these trends for inspiration is a great way to revive your current kitchen design and explore creative ways to renovate your space.

We created a list of the top-selling cabinet choices at and the current kitchen cabinet door trends paving the way for future trends in 2024 and beyond.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Top Sellers for 2023

Every year, the team at takes a closer look at our top sellers and cabinet door styles of the year. This data provides insight into which styles and trends were the most popular in 2023. Here are the top five best sellers.

1. Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker cabinet doors never go out of style. This cabinet door style is timeless and simple. It has a traditional look and feel but can be elevated to complement modern aesthetics. The beauty of this style is its versatility. Investing in shaker cabinet doors today gives you the flexibility to adjust your kitchen design throughout the years.

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2. Shaker Painted Cabinet Door

One big cabinet door trend in 2023 that will continue to be popular in 2024 and beyond is painted cabinet doors. Painted cabinet doors are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your space. Whether it's white, beige, gray, black, or blue - the most popular cabinet door style we've seen for the painted cabinet doors is a shaker. Shaker cabinet doors have a minimalist style.

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3. Shaker Drawer Front

If you plan to replace your cabinet doors, you should replace your drawer fronts, too. If you skip the drawer fronts, it may make your kitchen feel unfinished or want to have that feel-good renovation feel you're trying to achieve from a refresh. Shaker drawer fronts pair elegantly with our shaker cabinet doors, which is why they were such a great seller in 2023. Replacing your drawer fronts can also improve the functionality of your drawers and help you achieve an elevated appearance.

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4. Artesia Cabinet Door

Another popular style for 2023 at was the Artesia cabinet door. The Artesia cabinet door has an inset center panel and a frame with a beveled or sloped inside detail. Painted and natural wood are both popular options. This style is the ideal choice for traditional or contemporary kitchen designs.

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5. Heritage Cabinet Door

Heritage cabinet doors have a traditional look and feel. This is the most popular cabinet door style for traditional, contemporary, and vintage kitchen designs. It has a high-end look and features elegant ornamental details.

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Top Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2023

While natural wood cabinet doors never seem to go out of style, there’s nothing wrong with embracing more color in their kitchen or exploring innovative design concepts. From two-tone cabinets to nature-inspired color choices, here are the top kitchen cabinet door trends in 2023.

The Color of the Year: Redend Point

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends: Redend Point

Illustration from Sherwin-Williams

The Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2023 is Redend Point. This stunning color features reddish tones that complement the look of natural clay or red-colored sand. Redend point is calming and inviting. It's the perfect color for homeowners looking to add a pop of color to their kitchen while maintaining a warm, welcoming feel. Redend point pairs beautifully with earthy tones and warmer whites. It can also be used in various home designs, including modern, vintage, and Mediterranean.

Bold Color Choices

Courtesy of Hector Sanchez

Homeowners are slowly stepping away from the modern, all-white kitchen cabinets. Instead, they're choosing bold color choices that are vibrant and eye-catching. Popular choices include:

  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • All Black
  • Forest Green
  • Turquoise
  • Mustard
  • Terracotta

The beauty of these bold color choices is they are versatile and can complement various kitchen designs. Whether you want to keep things traditional or go for a more modern look, there are creative ways you can add a pop of color to your space with this kitchen cabinet trend. 

Adding Contrast With Wood and Saturated Colors

Adding Contrast With Wood and Saturated Colors

Courtesy of Robin Stubbert

Mix and match different cabinet colors, textures, and stains that can help you achieve a trendy, stylish look. The goal of this trend is to make it look intentional and cohesive. A great way to tie the elements together is to use consistent hardware, add open shelving, or include glass-ready cabinets

Removing Upper Cabinets

 Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2023: Removing Upper Cabinets

Does your kitchen feel cramped and small? Another popular cabinet door trend in 2023 to consider if you have lower ceilings is removing the upper cabinets entirely. This can help make your space feel more open and inviting. You can add open shelving, decor, and artwork to the walls above.

Playing With Two Tone Cabinets

 Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2023: Playing With Two Tone Cabinets

A great way to add more color to your space and make your kitchen appear bigger than it is with two-tone cabinets. The best way to achieve this look is to play with contrast, making the upper cabinets brighter than the bottom ones. When done correctly, it can also help add more depth and dimension to your kitchen.

Nature Inspired Palettes

 Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2023: Nature Inspired Palettes

Courtesy of Canaidan Log Homes

Natural wood, dark green, and creamy greys are playful natural-inspired color choices. They can create a pleasing aesthetic that represents the beauty of nature. This cabinet door trend in 2023 pairs well when paired with different textures.

Warm White Kitchens

 Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2023: Warm White Kitchens

Tired of the all-white or dark kitchen cabinets? A warmer white color palette is a great alternative. This cabinet door trend can help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's off-white, creamy taupe, or eggshell, these colors for cabinets are a playful trend to consider.

Mix and Match

mix and match kitchen cabinet color trends 2022

Via: Grant K. Gibson

In 2023, many people enjoyed making a statement with their color choices. Many homeowners allowed their kitchen design choices to pop by mixing and matching their cabinet door colors. Leveraging complementary colors allows you to make combinations like black cabinets under the counter and white cabinets above or white cabinets with a blue island. This two-toned look layers a space and provides welcomed variety, and there is a good chance this color trend may continue.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2022

If you enjoy staring into the ocean, there is a good chance you have enjoyed the rise of the blue kitchen cabinet styles in 2023. Like the expanse of the ocean, blue cabinets signify possibility and potential. Designers have enjoyed the impressive flexibility of blue cabinets, taking advantage of the opportunity to pair them with white countertops, natural wood flooring, or other decorative elements. Blue cabinets are also the perfect combination for trending gold hardware. Their popularity and potential make it hard to see blue cabinets fading out moving into the future.

Timeless White Kitchen

timeless white kitchen cabinet color trends 2022

Via: Grant K. Gibson

White cabinets provide a timeless look, and they are proving that by sticking around year after year. With a focus on bright, open spaces, nothing contributes more than clean white cabinets. White cabinets are perfect for modern and contemporary design styles focused on minimalism as well as traditional or farmhouse styles aiming for nostalgia. Of course, white also provides a blank canvas for your preferred furniture and decorative elements. The white cabinets trend is sure to stick around as more people continue to embrace the appeal of white kitchen designs.

Embrace the New Year with Refreshed Cabinet Doors

Looking back on 2023, there were plenty of excellent kitchen design trends that are likely to stick around. If you are considering refreshing your kitchen cabinet doors, then explore our complete inventory of cabinet doors at to see all of the potential options you have.

When you order from, you can choose from dozens of styles, multiple wood species, and professionally finished options. We offer professionally crafted, custom-ordered cabinet doors built to your exact specifications, all at remarkable manufacturer rates. Contact us today to learn more about how you can refresh your kitchen with brand-new cabinet doors. 

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