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Edge Mounted Soft Close Compact Blumotion 38N Hinge - 1/2" Overlay

Type of Hinge: Edge Mounted Soft Close Compact Blumotion 38N Hinge - 1/2" Overlay

The edge mounted compact hinge is a one-piece screw on hinge that mounts to the inside edge of your face frame.  Compact hinges are the ideal hinge if your looking to make more room within your cabinet.  The hinge is edge mounted and mounts right onto the inside of the face frame

105 degrees is how wide the door can be opened.

1/2" overlay - This hinge will only work on a door that is 1" wider than the width of the opening it is covering and 1" taller than the height of the opening it is covering. Or in other words the door has to be 1/2" bigger than the opening on all 4 sides.

This hinge comes with a switch that turns on and off the soft closing mechanism. It will come with this feature enabled. If it needs to be disabled this is easily done by holding down the soft closing lever and sliding the switch to the locking position. This can be done without tools.

Pricing is per hinge. This includes the 3 screws needed to attach the hinge to the cabinet frame, and secure the hinge into the the back of the cabinet door.   

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