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Imagine you open and close a cabinet door 5 times every day. After a decade, you will have swung that door more than 18,000 times. So it’s not surprising that after years of consistent use, most cabinet doors don’t close as cleanly as they use to. Perhaps they sit crooked or jut out from the cabinet face. They might also swing closed at an odd angle and make a lot of noise in the process. None of the problems are surprising or rare – but all of them are annoying. Fortunately, all of them are fixable too with some advice from the cabinet door experts at The Door Stop. Use these adjustments and fixes to correct cabinet doors that won’t close.

Diagnose the Problem

First, you need to figure out why your doors won’t close properly. With all the use and abuse doors go through, problems can take many forms. The hinges could be rusted and bent, or the wood of the cabinet doors may have warped with time. Look over each part of the cabinet, inside and out, to pinpoint what’s wrong with the door. This also gives you a chance to inspect the doors, hinges, and the cabinet boxes for signs of wear and tear you haven’t noticed before.

Select the Solution

Once you know problem, simply select the appropriate solution:

  • How to Fix Cabinet Doors that Rub – If you have double doors that rub against each other when closed, simply adjust each of the hinges. You will see two screws on the hinge. Make small quarter turns to the screw closest to the cabinet door to adjust its position left and right. After adjusting the doors just enough to eliminate the rubbing, visually inspect that they’re still in aliment.
  • How to Adjust Old Cabinet Door Hinges – Most hinges allow for adjustments in three directions. We covered left/right adjustments in the previous entry. To adjust up/down, slightly unscrew the base plate the hinge locks into and move the doors until they’re level at top and bottom. To bring the cabinets closer or further to the cabinet box, use the hinge screw farthest from the doors (the one not used for left/right). Keep in mind that while most hinges are adjustable, no hinge is immortal. All of them wear down with time and use until they eventually require replacement.
  • How to Fix Cabinet Doors that Overlap – When one of your cabinet doors is laying on top of another, it may be possible to adjust the hinges to fix the problem. However, it’s more likely you will need to replace the doors. Overlap implies there’s some significant damage to either the doors or hinges. As long as that damage doesn’t extend to the cabinet boxes as well, you can simply replace the doors, fix the overlap, and get great-looking cabinets.
  • How to Fix Warped Cabinet Doors – Much like before, you may be able to hide the evidence of warping by adjusting the hinges. But there’s no way to reverse the effects of warping. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of great ways to prevent it either, especially if you live in a humid climate. If the hinge adjustments fail, the only other option besides replacing the cabinets entirely is to replace just the doors with something fresh and free of warping.
  • How to Fix Cabinet Doors With Damage – Ideally, fixing the damage is as easy as refinishing the door. In that case, simply remove the doors and unscrew the hinges and hardware. Then thoroughly sand the doors and inspect whatever damage is left. If necessary, fill any holes or rough spots, sand again, and then apply the paint or stain of your choice. In cases of extensive damage, it may be impossible to hide the evidence or fix what’s wrong with the door, leaving door replacement as the only viable option.

Consider the Alternatives

When you have cabinet doors that won’t close and adjustments or fixes won’t correct the problem, you only have a few alternative options left. First, get used to it. Some people can learn to live with cabinets that hang crooked or jut out, but those people are rare. Second, replace the cabinets entirely. That fixes every cabinet problem you have and leaves you with the benefits of brand-new, but installing new cabinets is expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Third, keep your existing cabinet boxes and replace just the doors and hinges. Homeowners typically pick this option since it provides all the benefits of new cabinets at a fraction of the cost. As long as the cabinet boxes are still in good condition, you can have custom-built cabinet doors cut to the exact same size as your existing doors. Along with being easy to install, these custom-built doors let you update the style and finish of your cabinetry, which gives the whole room a new feel. In terms of overall costs and benefits, replacing cabinet doors is usually the smartest alternative.

Take the Next Step

Now that you know how to fix cabinet doors that rub or have a host of other issues, decide whether to repair or replace. The decision is entirely up to you, but if you prefer what replacement cabinet doors have to offer, The Door Stop is the very best source. Take some time to explore our selection, learn how to order the right size doors, and explore soft-close hinge options. When it comes to cabinet doors, expect to find all the information and assistance you need within our website.