9 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Upgrade

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Apr 26th 2024

Everything wears out eventually. Instead of waiting until things break or look ancient, replace them early. You tend to save time, money, and stress that way. Better yet, you get to enjoy the upgrades! With that in mind, look for these tell-tale signs your kitchen needs attention – plus what to do next.

9 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Why You Should

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your kitchen, but finding the time, budget, and motivation actually to do it is completely different. You might also be overwhelmed by the prospect of a full-blown kitchen renovation.

Still, even if you find that the initial prospect of kitchen upgrades is daunting, once you start looking at how to achieve those upgrades, it often suddenly feels doable. Generally speaking, there are several main reasons you might want to upgrade your kitchen, including:

  1. Old and Worn Out: Kitchens endure heavy use and show signs of wear. Cracked countertops or cabinets that don't close properly indicate it's time for an update. A fresh renovation can restore functionality and aesthetics.
  2. Out-Dated Style: An outdated kitchen can affect the overall feel of your home. Elements like tiling, flooring, and cabinets can make a kitchen look old. Updating these features can transform the room into a modern, stylish space.
  3. Lack of Space: Small or inefficiently used kitchens can be frustrating. If you lack cabinet or counter space, consider reconfiguring the layout for better use of space. This can make cooking and storage more convenient and efficient.
  4. Poor Flow: Inefficient kitchen layouts hinder workflow. Reorganizing your kitchen can improve its functionality, making cooking and cleaning more efficient. A well-planned layout enhances ease of movement and access.
  5. Worn-Out Appliances: Appliances like stoves and refrigerators don't last forever. Replacing old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models can save money and enhance your kitchen. Modern appliances often come with advanced features that make kitchen tasks easier.
  6. Inadequate Lighting: Poor lighting becomes evident when cooking at night. Ensure your kitchen has enough light for safe and efficient cooking. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting or brighter overhead fixtures for better visibility.
  7. Difficulty Cleaning: Worn surfaces become harder to clean as they age. If your counters, cabinets, or floors are perpetually dirty, it might be time for replacements. New materials can be easier to maintain and keep clean.
  8. No Longer Suits You: If your kitchen feels off, it might need a change. Whether it's the cabinet doors, paint colors, or a combination of issues, make your kitchen a space you enjoy. Personalizing your kitchen to your tastes can significantly enhance your comfort and satisfaction.
  9. Selling Your House: A well-maintained kitchen can attract buyers. Upgrade your kitchen to meet market demands and increase your home's value. Potential buyers often see a modern kitchen as a major selling point.

Beyond the signs you need to upgrade your kitchen, you may also have actual problems that require upgrades for it to be usable. Here are the top five kitchen problems you’ll likely see that will require fixing.

Top 5 Kitchen Problems

  1. Age – After 10-15 years, it’s time to consider updates to your design and appliances. Past that point, the style starts to look dated, the materials begin to wear out, and the appliances risk failure.
  2. Doors – After years of regular use and abuse, cabinet doors start to show their age. Since the doors are a major part of the overall design, beat-up doors make the whole space look shabby.
  3. Floors – Due to the high traffic and heavy spills in the kitchen, the floors wear out quickly, especially materials like linoleum. Like cabinet doors, warped and worn-out floors make everything around them look worse.
  4. Layout – If your kitchen isn’t conducive to cooking, corralling the kids, or entertaining, it’s not serving its purpose. Instead of trying to make do with a bad situation, address the layout problems head-on.
  5. Look – Maybe you inherited a kitchen design from a previous owner or made a bold design choice you now regret. When the look of the space is off, everything you do in the kitchen is less enjoyable.

The good news is that all of these problems can be fixed, and you may even be able to fix them on your own. DIY home improvement projects are the way to go if you’re up for a project and want to save on your budget. So, how do you know what to upgrade when remodeling a kitchen?

DIY Kitchen Upgrades and Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, plenty of DIY home improvement projects will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams, even when you're remodeling on a budget. Although it may seem like there are a million steps to remodel a kitchen, you might be surprised by how big of a difference even small kitchen upgrades can make.

But first, you must decide what to upgrade when remodeling a kitchen to make the kind of impact you want in your room. You have many options for kitchen upgrade ideas, but these are the top five kitchen improvements that make a big impact.

Top 5 DIY Kitchen Improvements

  1. Paint – Never underestimate how much a fresh coat of paint can make a space feel new.
  2. Replace – When something is broken or obviously worn out, like the cabinet doors, invest in replacements to bring your kitchen back up to 100%.
  3. Light – Better lighting enhances a kitchen's style and function. Place lights on top of cabinets or shine onto counters.
  4. Sink – If you can’t totally rework your kitchen layout, install a larger sink. More space for dirty dishes helps keep clutter off the countertops.
  5. Shelves – Use empty walls or corners to add more shelving to the kitchen. If you have enough storage already, use these spaces to add style or seating – don’t waste the space.

Even one of these small kitchen upgrades can make a big difference and leave your kitchen feeling on trend and timeless. However, if you want to give your kitchen a makeover, incorporate several of these upgrades in your steps to remodel the kitchen. While new paint alone can change the look of your kitchen, adding new paint and upgrading kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen feel like a completely new room.

What to Upgrade When Remodeling a Kitchen

When it’s time to figure out what to upgrade when remodeling a kitchen in your home, it’s important to consider several things. Be honest about your limits, and then see how you can incorporate kitchen upgrade ideas that work with those limits. Remember that even small kitchen upgrades can make a surprisingly large impact—especially when combined.

Before you get started on your DIY home improvement projects, review the list of signs you need to upgrade your kitchen above. Decide what really bothers you about your kitchen, and then look closely at:

  • Overall budget
  • Time commitment
  • The amount of effort willing to invest
  • DIY/home improvement experience
  • Tasks you can handle vs. tasks needing help

From there, it’s all about knowing what you’re doing before you start. Research and know where to purchase your resources, too, as that will make a big difference in your budget and work pipeline.

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