12 Benefits of Replacing Your Cabinet Doors

Posted by Donovan Thornhill on Apr 3rd 2024

Switching out your cabinet doors instead of ripping out the cabinets and starting over is a cost-effective way to elevate the appearance of your kitchen. With a fresh set of paint, new hardware, and a different style, you can completely transform the look of your kitchen without it getting in the way of your daily life. We know replacing your cabinet doors doesn’t sound like the most exciting home improvement project. But the minute the final door is hung, you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

12 Benefits of Changing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Some call it a “designer’s secret” and others label it a “homeowner’s hack.” By any name, replacing your cabinet doors is the kind of low-cost, high-impact project that people get excited about. In fact, replacing your cabinet doors is one of the best ways to spend time and money upgrading your home. When you see all the benefits, we think you’ll agree.

Here are 12 benefits of changing kitchen cabinet doors.

1. Maximize Your Budget

Replacement cabinet doors cost a fraction of what it would cost to replace all your cabinets or remodel your entire kitchen. Yet when you replace just the doors, it makes the room look and feel completely different – as if you had done a lot more work and spent a lot more money than you actually had. If you want to make a big impact on a small budget, you won’t regret a single penny you spend on replacement cabinet doors.

2. Quick and Efficient

Even minor kitchen upgrades can take days to complete, leave you without a functioning kitchen, and create a mess throughout your home. Replacement cabinet doors are just the opposite. Hanging them up takes about one afternoon and creates little to no mess in the process.

3. Update Your Style

Popular kitchen trends you will see in 2024 include using bold color choices, floating shelves, and stained wood cabinets. No matter which popular kitchen trends catch your eye, you can easily reflect them in your own home using replacement cabinet doors. Pick from a huge assortment of popular styles, finish the doors however you like, hang them up, and marvel at how contemporary and current your kitchen looks. When you need to bring your kitchen up to date, start with different cabinet doors.

4. Complement Your Other Kitchen Upgrades

If you’ve made other upgrades in or around the kitchen, why not replace the cabinet doors as well? After all, it’s a relatively affordable and accessible project that elevates everything in the space. Replacement doors may be all you need to cap your project off and complete the transformation of the space. That means the next time you buy new appliances, replace your counter-top and backsplash, or redo the kitchen floors, think about redoing the doors too.

5. No Special Experience Needed

One of the benefits of replacing your cabinet doors is so quick and low cost is because you don’t need to hire a contractor. You also don’t need special experience, expertise, tools, or materials. This is the kind of DIY project that almost anyone can accomplish, which will not only teach you new skills but also save you a lot of money and time spent waiting for a contractor.

6. Keeps Your Kitchen Well-Kept

Rusty hinges, broken doors, and even mold can pose a threat to you and your loved ones. If your cabinet doors have seen better days, you'll want to consider upgrading to cabinet door replacements to avoid any unnecessary hazards in the kitchen. Once you've upgraded, you can expect the cabinet door replacements to last anywhere from 20-35 years, depending on the wood quality and craftsmanship.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Did you know there are even eco-friendly benefits of changing kitchen cabinet doors? Switching out the doors instead of ripping out the cabinets is an environmentally friendly solution you can feel good about. Completely ripping out your cabinets to add new ones is wasteful, especially if the cabinets are still in good condition and you like the layout.

Before ordering replacement doors, we recommend inspecting your current cabinets. Ensure there aren't any noticeable flaws or hazards that a simple paint job couldn't fix. If everything looks good, you can switch out the cabinet doors. This is an alternative that will benefit the planet and your budget!

8. Versatility

Another benefit of replacing cabinet doors is the versatility. You can choose from various wood species, paint colors, and styles to help you achieve the upgraded look of your dreams. You don't need to stick to a specific style or wood type just because that's what you've had in the past. Once you find a style, you can sand and paint your existing cabinets to complement the new doors. At, we have over 200+ styles, 12 different wood types, and nine different paint colors to explore.

9. Customization Made Easy

Replacement cabinet doors can be completely customized to complement your aesthetic preferences. Whether you want to keep the look modern and sleek or traditional and vintage - it's entirely up to you! We recommend ordering custom-made unfinished or finished cabinet doors. This will give you full creative freedom for the upcoming project. Custom-made doors also ensure you get a perfect fit for your kitchen.

10. Enjoy Some DIY Fun

One of the best cabinet door replacement benefits is that switching out the doors can be fun! It's a simple and easy project you can do on your own without hiring professionals. Whether you want to paint your new cabinet doors a bold color or add a dramatic stain to the natural wood - the choice is all yours. We recommend reading our replacement cabinet door guide or watching our how-to YouTube video before you start the DIY process.

11. Increase Your Home Value

Did you know replacing your kitchen cabinet doors can also increase your home value? This simple switch-up can boost your asking price for your house if you ever decide to sell in the future.

12. Won't Disrupt Your Day-to-Day

A full-blown home renovation can put your kitchen out of commission for four to five months. This can make simple tasks like making lunch or dinner challenging. (Especially if you have a few mouths to feed!) One of the big cabinet door replacement benefits is that the project will only take a weekend. You can even continue cooking and cleaning during the installation process.

Experience The Benefits of Replacement Cabinet Doors

Replacing your cabinet doors is never a bad idea…as long as you pick the right company to make the replacements. Many companies will charge you too much, take too long to deliver the doors, or give you a limited inventory to choose from. But not We became the Internet’s leading supplier of replacement cabinet doors by making the process easy, exciting, and effective. If you want to reap the benefits outlined above, count on us to deliver. Start by exploring this selection.

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