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decorate your kitchen for the holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, and when it arrives your home will likely be filled with friends, family, and festivity. There are probably going to be a lot of people congregating in and around your kitchen since it tends to be the centerpiece of the home (and where all the food is kept!). If you have a picture-perfect kitchen, you might be glad to show it off to company. But if you don’t, you don’t need to feel embarrassed either. There is still time left to make improvements and upgrades. Plus, you can accomplish a lot more than you expect in just a few weeks. Use the tips below to get your kitchen looking its best, then follow our advice for how to unveil the new and improved space to your guests.

Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

It doesn’t take a big budget and a team of contractors making a major mess to seriously upgrade your kitchen space. These DIY ideas are low-cost and quick to complete:

  • Clean Thoroughly – You probably do a comprehensive spring cleaning, but it helps to go through the same routine in the fall as well. As you’re cleaning, take the time to declutter the kitchen and get rid of anything you don’t use. You should also look for anything that is broken or worn out that could compromise your ability to entertain throughout the holidays.
  • Paint – Putting a new color or pattern on the walls can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen even if nothing else has changed. It’s also relatively easy to replace the backsplash between your cabinets and countertops.
  • Replace Cabinet Doors – If your kitchen feels outdated or worn out, the cabinet doors are the likely culprit. After years of daily use they begin to show signs of wear and tear, and even if they’re in perfect condition they might be out of style. Fortunately, replacing cabinet doors is an easy and affordable project you can complete in an afternoon after the doors are delivered. Once installed, the new doors will make your kitchen look completely new even though the old cabinets are still in place.
  • Add Light – Who wants to gather in a gloomy kitchen? Make the room feel warm and welcoming by adding a new light fixture or by installing lights under the cabinets. Even if your goal is to show off your new kitchen around the holiday season, you will appreciate the extra light all throughout the year.
  • Use Open Shelving – You can hang new shelves or put a shelving unit in an unused part of the kitchen. In either case, you create more room to store your stuff, meaning that you have more space for guests and serving dishes too. Open shelving is also perfect for the holiday season because it gives you more area to hang up decorations, from lights to ornaments.
  • Buy a New Appliance – Replacing just your fridge or stove costs a lot less than getting all new appliances. Newer models come in a wide variety of looks and styles that elevate the overall kitchen aesthetic. Perhaps more importantly, having a bigger fridge or a nicer stove makes it a lot easier to prepare food for holiday guests.

Exciting Ways to Show Off the Space

It doesn’t matter if you make huge change or small improvements – you want to show off your new kitchen, especially to friends and family who can appreciate all the upgrades you’ve made. Don’t let your awesome work go unrecognized. Use these strategies to put your kitchen front and center this holiday season:

  • Post on Social Media – Lot of people will be impressed by your new kitchen who might not actually visit your house in the coming months. Turn on all the lights in the space and take some photos that show off its best features. Then put pictures on whatever social media sites you use with a quick note about the updates you’ve made. Better yet, post before and after pictures. Don’t feel like you’re bragging either – people love to get inspiration for their own home improvement projects.
  • Host a Holiday Gathering – If your home is not already a holiday season gathering place, find a reason to have people over. You could host a dinner, throw a themed party, or make cookies with kids – anything that gets people into your home to check out your new kitchen. It’s perfectly fine to point out improvements you’ve made, but avoid talking your guest’s ear off about every detail of the project.
  • Decorate for the Season – When you show off your new kitchen, you want the big reveal to be as impressive as possible. In addition to the upgrades you’ve made, decorate the space for the holiday season. Consider hanging up a wreath, incorporating strings of lights, or putting ornaments on plates. You can even use decorations to highlight the work you’ve done. For example, you could hang something off of your replacement cabinet doors to grab guest’s attention.

The holiday season will be here sooner than you expect. Make a plan of what you want to accomplish, what tools and materials you need, and what schedule you will follow. You may want to get started ASAP so that your home improvements don’t conflict with your holiday planning.

If your plans involve replacement cabinet doors, find the style you want and have it built to the exact size you specify from Check out our FAQ section to learn more about what we do, and discover how easy it is to order custom-built cabinet doors. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or contact us online.


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