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The kitchen is the hub of your household, so every square foot matters. Unfortunately, a lot of valuable kitchen space goes wasted. A great example is when your kitchen cabinets don’t travel all the way to the ceiling. The extra room between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling could be used for something functional or to enhance the kitchen décor – but in most kitchens, the space just collects dust. We’re here to change that.

Should You Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets?

No matter what you do, you shouldn’t let this space go to waste. Just look at the rest of your kitchen. You’ve probably planned out every part of the room, ensuring it looks, feels, and functions the way you want. But then you look up towards the ceiling and notice that your above cabinet décor is a bunch of empty shadows and it detracts from the rest of the kitchen. You should take advantage of this space to prevent the room from feeling drab. It’s also a great way to keep it from feeling cramped if you have a small footprint or limited storage. You don’t have to do much to take advantage of this often-overlooked kitchen area. But it’s important you do something.

Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

At first glance, the small gap between the cabinets and ceiling doesn’t offer much to work with. Fortunately, clever designers and decorators have already come up with fun ideas for above cabinet décor and clever ways to make the space more functional:

· Use Baskets – Take anything you want to store in the kitchen but don’t need to keep close at hand and put it in a few baskets that will fit above your cabinets. You gain storage space as well as hide away any clutter. You can also find baskets in countless colors, patterns, and styles to complement and elevate your existing kitchen décor.

· Store Cookbooks – If space allows, store your cookbooks (or any books really) upright along the top of the cabinets. Similar to baskets, this keeps them on hand but tucked away. Meanwhile, the spines of the books add an interesting design element to the kitchen, particularly if they wrap around most or all of the cabinets.

· Add Art – The space above the cabinets offers the perfect place to put art, such as framed pictures, antiques, accessories, small sculptures or anything that will fit. They are well protected sitting away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Their position above the cabinets also helps to draw the eye upward, which makes the entire kitchen feel bigger. If you don’t currently have any extra art that will fit, keep your eye out at art fairs of thrift stores – or make something of your own!

· Expand the Pantry – Free up some much-needed space in your existing pantry by taking interesting-looking items out and lining the tops of the cabinets. You might want to avoid cans of beans or boxes of cereal, but things like jars of olives or glass containers full of pasta fit naturally into your kitchen décor. You can also use the space above the cabinets and close to the wall, where it’s harder to see, to keep extra canned goods or provisions hidden away. Just be careful about storing too much weight up there.

What to Do With Space Above Cabinets

Regardless of how you decide to utilize the space, take a few steps to get the area above the cabinets ready first. Since you probably haven’t looked above the cabinets in a while, inspect the space for damage. While you’re up there, plan to give the area a thorough cleaning. You should also measure the height and depth you have to work with, especially if you plan to buy baskets or art to fit the space. Last but not least, take some time to inspect your cabinet doors. If you’re unhappy with how your kitchen looks or feels, above cabinet décor might not be the only problem or the complete solution. The bigger problem could be old, outdated, unstylish, or worn out cabinet doors, which are the single biggest visual design element in any kitchen. In addition to sprucing up the area above the cabinets, do the same for the cabinets themselves with custom-built replacement cabinet doors. Swapping out the look you have for the look you want is excitingly easy (and affordable) with replacement cabinet doors. Much like decorating above the cabinets, it’s the kind of savvy kitchen improvement that has a big impact without requiring a big remodel.

The Door Stop – Making Your Cabinets Better

If your cabinets seem past their prime, The Door Stop can help. As long as the underlying frame is in good shape, you can put almost any style door imaginable on top – rustic, modern, minimal, ornamental and many more. The Door Stop custom builds each door to the exact dimensions you need so that it perfectly fits your current cabinets while saving you thousands on whole-cabinet replacement costs. Explore the extensive and impressive inventory available exclusively at The Door Stop.